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Communicating with


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Communicating with

  1. 1. 01 Google Drive Google Docs
  2. 2. Google What it is? Docs §  A free, Web-based office suite and data storage service §  Creating and editing documents online §  Collaborating in real-time with other users.§  On April 26, 2012, Google Drive was launched, which supplants Google Docs.§  It combines all of the Docs features with improved storage functionality.§  Independent Google Docs service ended on September 4, 2012.§  Related news:
  3. 3. Google What it is? Drive §  Google Drive : the new home for Google Docs §  On the web §  Everything, Anytime §  Store, Search, Share, Collaborate
  4. 4. Google How to use it? Drive§  Step 1. Chose what you are going to do Click!, After install Goo gle Drive Click! Chrome frame is preferred Click! What you need
  5. 5. Google How to use it? Drive§  Step 2. Write/ Draw contents §  Write/ Draw directly on Google Docs like MS Word/PPT/.etc §  Fully utilize the menu §  Available to “Copy” from word file (Ctrl+C) & “Paste” (Ctrl+V) §  Need to slightly adjust the format when you copy text from MS S/W §  Hangeul (.hwp) are difficult to integrate into Google Docs a little
  6. 6. Google How to use it? Drive§  Step 3. Rename Document Click! §  You can change the title
  7. 7. Google How to use it? Drive§  Step 4. Save and Share Click! For Saving §  When you save the file, Share via link or e-mail (Any account is ok)
  8. 8. Google How to use it? Drive§  Step 5. Collaboration Click! For Collaborating or editing §  This is shown how e-mail gets to other users §  If you click to open, you can see the step 2 page.