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BB 11 Hopefuls...


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BB 11 Hopefuls...

  1. 1. First Name: James Age: 33 Hometown: Cumbernauld, Glasgow Occupation: Delivery Driver Random Fact:  Single guy who wants to party 24/7. His best experience in life was livening in Australia for a year when he was 24 years old.
  2. 2. First Name: Kimberley Age: 21 Hometown: Swindon Occupation: HR Assistant Random Fact:  Miss Gay UK 2007.
  3. 3. First Name: Clinton Age: 23 Hometown: Margate Occupation: Process Operator (Fujifilm Sericol) Random Fact:  Says he can’t go a day without seeing his family. He took 8½ hours to fill out his application form.
  4. 4. First Name: Zoe Age: 33 Hometown: Bexleyheath, Kent Occupation: Social worker/Vicar Random Fact:  An independent minister, she bought the title on the internet. Refers to herself as Dolly Rotten. She has an image of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ video tattooed on her arm.
  5. 5. First Name: Donna Age: 23 Hometown: Norwich Occupation: Unemployed Random Fact:  Was in a transsexual pop group called the Kit Kat Dolls who featured on Britain’s Got Talent.
  6. 6. First Name: Filipe Age: 26 Hometown: Watford Occupation: Gardener Random Fact:  Portuguese Gardener who once wore a mankini on a flight from the UK to Thailand because he was bored. Lists immigrating to Britain as the best thing that he has ever done.
  7. 7. First Name: Emily Age: 18 Hometown: Orpington, Kent Occupation: Dancer / Actress / Model Random Fact: • Claims to be the most competitive person in the word – ‘if I had to stand on a log in the middle of the ocean in the scorching sun, I’d be the last person standing’
  8. 8. First Name: Callum Age: 18 Hometown: Portsmouth Occupation: Lifeguard Random Fact: • One of the top teenage swimmers in the UK, he swims 6 hours a day, 30 days a month.
  9. 9. First Name: Yvette Age: 24 Hometown: Peterborough Occupation: Medical Student Random Fact:  A vegan medical student who lives on crisps and bread
  10. 10. First Name: Govan Age: 21 Hometown: Leicester Occupation: Voluntary Worker Random Fact:  Bi-curious University dropout looking to break into fashion
  11. 11. First Name: Josie Age: 25 Hometown: Bristol Occupation: Financial Sales Rep Random Fact:  A West Country sales rep who lives alone in a wooden cabin on her aunt’s farm and owns a horse and cart.
  12. 12. First Name: Jade Age: 19 Hometown: London Occupation: Unemployed Random Fact: • She is 4 foot 8 inches and who wants to have a career as a jockey in horse racing
  13. 13. First Name: Alexis Age: 27 Hometown: London Occupation: Logistics Co-ordinator Random Fact: • Her strangest job was making components for heat seeking missiles
  14. 14. First Name: John-Joe Age: 23 Hometown: London Occupation: Professional Boxer Random Fact:  He is mates with Aston from JLS
  15. 15. First Name: Allister Age: 55 Hometown: London Occupation: Promotions Company Owner Random Fact: • Was a successful hair and make up artist for Vogue in the 80’s, working with the likes of Debbie Harry
  16. 16. First Name: Joel Age: 33 Hometown: London Occupation: Unemployed/Busker Random Fact:  Plays West Indian steel drums and says he’s the world sexiest fat man
  17. 17. First Name: Keeley/ Shabby Age: 24 Hometown: London Occupation: Actress/Punk Musician Random Fact:  Was a child actor and was down to the final two for the film “The Parent Trap”. Her rival was Lindsay Lohan
  18. 18. First Name: Steven Age: 40 Hometown: Leicestershire Occupation: Ex HM Forces Random Fact:  This former soldier is a father of 8. He’s been unemployed for 20 years having lost both legs and an eye while serving in Northern Ireland
  19. 19. First Name: Rachel Age: 21 Hometown: London Occupation: Athlete/Model Random Fact:  Was crowned Miss England in 2009 but was stripped of her title following a high profile fracas with Miss Manchester
  20. 20. First Name: Sarah Age: 49 Hometown: Cambridgeshire Occupation: Media Personality Random Fact: • A former Playboy Bunny who has spent over £500, 000 on plastic surgery
  21. 21. First Name: Leanne Age: 29 Hometown: London Occupation: Author Random Fact: • Has had most of her leg removed due to cancer
  22. 22. First Name: Gloria Age: 25 Hometown: Milton Keynes Occupation: Professional Dancer Random Fact: • Has sung backing vocals for Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke and was one of Cheryl Cole’s dancers on The X-Factor.
  23. 23. First Name: Samuel Age: 21 Hometown: Kent Occupation: Unemployed Random Fact:  Was a hotel entertainer in Greece
  24. 24. First Name: Ben Age: 30 Hometown: Marylebone, London Occupation: Writer/Broadcaster Random Fact:  Was once a political correspondence for an Arab TV Channel and has contributed to the Daily Telegraph
  25. 25. First Name: David Age: 38 Hometown: Pontypool, Wales Occupation: Minister Random Fact:  Organizer of much publicised extreme Christian Event ‘Sloshfest’, claims he travels through time and space in the spirit realm and the weirdest thing he’s done is “visit the sun’’
  26. 26. First Name: Pritesh Age: 31 Hometown: London Occupation: Architect Random Fact:  Successful, creative Architect who also models.
  27. 27. First Name: Natasha Age: 19 Hometown: Luton Occupation: Model / Student Random Fact:  Miss Luton 2010 and aspiring Bollywood actress. Self-confessed Daddy’s princess who lives in the family’s 8 bedroom house and has a horse.
  28. 28. First Name: Terry Age: 45 Hometown: Bolton Occupation: Property Investor Random Fact:  Bisexual, self made millionaire and Mr T lookalike who made his money through property.
  29. 29. First Name: Alexandra Age: 20 Hometown: Manchester Occupation: Student Random Fact:  Brought up in the Oxford countryside, daughter of a Millionaire. She’s only ever had one job which lasted for two weeks and she did it so she could ‘learn the value of money’. She loves her life as “it’s so easy”
  30. 30. First Name: Corin Age: 29 Hometown: Cheshire Occupation: Unemployed Random Fact: • Glamorous bi-sexual who claims she is often mistaken for Katie Price. Widowed - her husband died 4 months after they were married.
  31. 31. First Name: Faye Age: 20 Hometown: Tamworth, Staffordshire Occupation: Wrestler/ Promo Model Random Fact: • Sporty, body conscious part time model who dreams of becoming a WWE wrestler. Doesn’t drink alcohol, trains twice a day and hates losing, lives to be number one at everything.
  32. 32. First Name: Lee Age: 22 Hometown: Cheshire Occupation: Hairdresser & Model Random Fact:  Aims to make it as model and claims he has always been beautiful, “it’s the life I lead, I’m used to it”, says he was once mistaken for a lesbian “because I’m so pretty”.Believes he is the coolest person he knows.
  33. 33. First Name: Keeley Age: 30 Hometown: Manchester Occupation: Travel Agent Manager Random Fact:  Successful business woman who has won every award in her industry. Under 5 ft and says she has a superiority complex “I have to be the best at everything”
  34. 34. First Name: Nathan Age: 26 Hometown: Bingley, Bradford Occupation: Joiner Random Fact:
  35. 35.  Claims to have an alter ego called Seahorse that is the complete opposite to him. Describes himself as an acquired taste and happy go lucky but “there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness and I straddle it well” First Name: Lesley Age: 52 Hometown: Derbyshire Occupation: Travelling Show woman Random Fact:  Claims to have psychic ability and has been travelling with her own small fairground for the past 8 years. A mother of 3 who says she’s Derby’s answer to Dolly Parton
  36. 36. First Name: Paul Age: 25 Hometown: Manchester Occupation: Civil Engineer Random Fact:  Originally from Barbados, he moved to the UK seven years ago to study and now builds bridges for a living. Was named “most arrogant and egotisical” in his school year book.
  37. 37. First Name: Megan Age: 20 Hometown: Liverpool Occupation: Care Assistant Random Fact:  Currently a care assistant, aiming to be a nurse. Wants to use the Big Brother prize money to buy a place in Ibiza.
  38. 38. First Name: Rachel Age: 23 Hometown: Nottingham Occupation: Celebrity lookalike Random Fact:  Works as a Beyonce lookalike at corporate events, claims to look in the mirror around 100 times a day “ checking I’m still hot”.
  39. 39. First Name: Kimberley Age: 24 Hometown: Chester Occupation: Hotel Receptionist/Vintage Clothes Designer Random Fact:  Recycles old clothes to sell and owns a £600 pair of Christian Louboutins. Loves knitting and knits presents for people.