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@SLCSEM Presents Online Marketing Basics to Women's Business Council


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#SLCSEM members Elisabeth Osmeloski (@elisabethos, @sengineland ) - Allison Schwam ( @schwamee ) - Rebecca Babicz (@bebabz @seocom) - Maria Corcoran ( @mariacorcoran )

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@SLCSEM Presents Online Marketing Basics to Women's Business Council

  1. 1. What You Need To Know About Online Marketing presented by #SLCSEM members: Elisabeth Osmeloski, @elisabethos Rebecca Babicz, @bebabz Allison Schwam, @schwamee Maria Corcoran, Adobe, @mariacorcoran
  2. 2. getting started @SLCSEM
  3. 3. simple answer....yes, of course! if you... • want customers to find you • want customers to learn more about your services • call you for an appointment / reservation • sell products directly online
  4. 4. unlike a romantic comedy... ... building a website doesnt always result in a happy ending... • websites can be costly • websites need maintenance • websites can be a pain to update
  5. 5. basic website needs•• design should reflect positively on your brand• easily communicate who you are: o Who (About us) o What (Homepage) o When & Where (Location & Hours, Contact info ) o Why (Should they trust you?)• accessible & usable for the greatest majority of users, W3C compliance• adhere to best practices for SEO / search engine guidelines• encourage others to share / talk about your business
  6. 6. thinking local...
  7. 7. What Is SEO?SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  8. 8. Basic SEOElements
  9. 9. Search Engine Results Page Search Query Google PlacesPaidSearch Adwith SellerReviews &Sitelinks SEO Listing Paid Search Ads
  10. 10. Paid SearchPaying for your website to have a position on the search results page (SERP) of asearch engine (ie Google). For each visitor that clicks on your link you arecharged at a cost per click (CPC) rate in a bidding auction.Benefits: • Only pay when you drive traffic to your site • Select the search queries you deem relevant to your business • Control over the advertising message • Real-time control over advertising spend • Lots of performance data
  11. 11. Paid Search ComponentsKeywords: Match types & negativesAccount Structure: Campaigns & ad groupsAd Copy: 70 characters & testingLanding Pages: Relevant & conversion orientedTools: Save time & prioritize projectsPerformance Data: Daily monitoring, testing & optimizations
  12. 12. Keyword Details• Search Query = an inquiry submitted to a search engine• Keyword = word or words in a PPC account with a bid, landing page & ad• Keyword Negative = word or words that block ads from appearing• Match Type = exact, phrase, broad & now broad match modifier
  13. 13. Ad Copy“A/B Testing”: evenlyrotate 2 versions of an ad Location Extension Reviews
  14. 14. Quality ScoreThe Search Engines calculate a Quality Score for each keyword. They look at avariety of factors to measure how relevant the keyword is to the ad text and to ausers search query. A keywords Quality Score updates frequently and is closelyrelated to its performance. In general, a high Quality Score means that the keywordwill trigger ads in a higher position and at a lower cost-per-click (CPC).
  15. 15. My Advice• Set a low budget• Use exact match keywords at first• Turn off the Display Network• Use geographic targeting (City/State)• Use Google Extensions (Location, Phone, Sitelinks)• Hire a local SEM expert to do campaign set up
  16. 16. Content/Blogging/Social Media/PRRebecca Babicz/ PR Coordinator
  17. 17. Creating ContentYour Business is a Newspaper and youre the journalist.
  18. 18. The power of BlogsA website will receive 55% more traffic if you have a blog.
  19. 19. Types of Content
  20. 20. Where to find Ideas"Good artists borrow. great artists steal."
  21. 21. Writing for the Web
  22. 22. Clickable Title Good Imagery SubtitlesShareable Bullets
  23. 23. Clickable Titles100- 118characters
  24. 24. Social Media
  25. 25. Goals for Social MediaGoal #1: Raise Brand AwarenessGoal #2: Increase Website TrafficGoal #3: Increase Amount of Time Visitor Spends on WebsiteGoal #4: Convert Visitors to Customers
  26. 26. Build Your Following
  27. 27. social media platforms
  28. 28. Public RelationsBlogging, social media and content = Brand PromotionPublic Relations= Brand Trust
  29. 29. McDonalds
  30. 30. You can do it! Twitter: @Bebabz
  31. 31. Using Analytics to drive Success @SLCSEM
  32. 32. What is Analytics
  33. 33. Before implementing Analytics• Properly Set Goals o SMARTER• Avoid Fake or Misleading Goals• Document your websites path to success• Understand your customer
  34. 34. Planning and attention to details matter• How is your website structured? o Have you set your customer up for conversion?• Plan your analytics implementation based on your KPIs
  35. 35. Measurement Timelines • Let your data define your timelines • Set correct expectations with yourself and other stakeholders • Dont spend time chasing Unicorns
  36. 36. Reporting and AnalysisWhat is the question you are trying to answer? Traffic Reports Conversion Reports Visit trending Conversion Funnel Bounce Rates Pathing Pathing Fall out Reporting Referring Domains Micro-conversion tracking Device Report Lead Generation Keyword Reports Non Performing Assets
  37. 37. Dont Get Stuck in Data Paralysis
  38. 38. Online Marketing Providers to get you startedSearch Engine Marketing Local Social Analytics ReferencesGoogle Adwords Google places Twitter Google Analytics SLC SEMBing Adcenter Yelp 4Square Core Metrics/IBM Search Engine Citysearch Google + Omniture/Adobe SEOMozBrightEdge UrbanSpoon Facebook Webtrends Google Blogs Additional Tools - Raven Tools Localeeze Conductor Google Keyword tool, conversion optimizer