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Jordan Kasteler's deck from SLCSEM Jan 2014 event

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  • Vs tactics
  • After an FTC rulingtold the major search engines that they had to be more visible about what is an ad and what isn’t, Google has been quietly testing the impact of these changes.
  • Google testing large banner ads on brand terms. What this tells us is that Google seems to be more open than ever to testing everything and anything that will debatablyimprove the user experience.
  • It’s now common for searchers to type out entire questions, with the expectation that search engines will understand their intent and deliver a relevant result. Takeaway: be open to producing content with titles you might find on a forum, Q&A website, or Frequently Asked Questions page, even if they’re phrased in 1st person and sound less creative/more practical.
  • Fueled by the sheer amount of content production today, searchers can be very explicit about what they want, what the product looks like, how much the service costs, and so on. Searchers know what the statistics suggest: longer queries yield more relevant results (resulting in higher click-through percentage).Takeaway: make sure to optimize your content with any words that may provide even more description to the page. This includes colors, sizing, locations, and anything else that provides added detail.
  • Along with more content, there’s greater attention to getting more relevant content. Searchers know that the right information may change over time. Information from a year ago may be obsolete. And searchers are taking this into account.Takeaway: if information in your content is likely to change, include the current year in your post title and content as a relevancy signal. Update old content with new year numbers if the content is still relevant or gets search traffic.
  • You may also call it lazy. Searchers want to save themselves time by finding the best, cheapest, easiest, highest quality everything. Searchers are putting less effort into doing their own research and trusting 3rd parties more than ever.Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to include superlatives and narrowing adjectives in your content and titles. It builds trust with searchers by showing them that you’ve taken some of the work out of their decision making.
  • Marketers are now returning back to "thank you" gifts, hand written notes and tangibles to catch an influencers eye and build a relationship. phone calls.
  • cohort marketing (the ability to break your audience into like-minded segments), behavioral targeting (targeting based on customer actions) and sequencing (the ordering of campaigns to have the biggest impact)
  • Be everywhere
  • 12 million
  • 12 million
  • Good example:
  • Make sure that you measure rank and performance by device type – research shows that rank and conversions on tablets, phone, and desktop vary dramatically
  • free product will provide information such as average duration of visits, number of unique visitors, daypart concentration of visits and recency/frequency. All this data is provided in real-time.
  • Search & social tactics & strategies

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    16. 16. Old vs New Old: Keywords New: Audience/Personas/Topics Old: Guest Posts New: Author Columns Old: Keyword List Titles New: Enticing Titles with Main Keyword Topic Old: Link Building New: PR/Branding Old: Writing for Keywords New: Writing for Visibility Old: Keyword Anchor Text New: Branded Anchor Text Old: On-Page SEO New: Usability/Accessibility + Conversion @JordanKasteler
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    30. 30. Google+ @JordanKasteler
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