Janet Thaeler speaks on PR, Blogger Outreach & Links @SLCSEM


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  • Pinterest has had amazing growth in recent months. Compared to Tumblr.com, a similar service provider, that launched in Feb. 2007.
  • Now if the growth from Sept 11 through Dec. 11 isn’t exciting enough, look at their growth during January 2012.
  • Traffic growth has slowed in 2012, but users are on the rise. Users have grown by 75% in 2012.
  • This user-base is NOT the typical user-base as early adopters of a new social media platform. Much of the female user-base is coming from middle America, not the west coast and not a young male audience like you often find are the early adopters in the highly tech savvy space of social media.
  • This user-base is also a much older audience. Often times you find the early adopters of a new social media platform are much younger with the bulk of the user-base falling between the ages of 20-30 yrs. old.
  • Doesn’t even list pins.
  • Work with bloggers: MISSED OPPORTUNITY have their own social reach http://readwrite.com/2013/02/05/brand-marketers-totally-miss-social-media-influencers
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  • Janet Thaeler speaks on PR, Blogger Outreach & Links @SLCSEM

    1. 1. 7 Tips for Getting PR Links Janet Thaeler @Newspapergrl andrew@avalaunchmedia.com@Newspapergrl
    2. 2. Tip 1: Look for Opportunities to Newsjack to “inject your ideas into breaking news” with a goal of generating media@Newspapergrl coverage.
    3. 3. Example: The city of Chicago newsjacki ng@Newspapergrl
    4. 4. 62 retweet s@Newspapergrl
    5. 5. ven B2B companies like Work Zone can newsjack@Newspapergrl Source:TechCrunch
    6. 6. Tip 2: Send a Press Release Make a national story local. •Less crowded, still get quality links.@Newspapergrl Source: DOMO
    7. 7. @Newspapergrl
    8. 8. @Newspapergrl Source: Mashable
    9. 9. Tip #3 Target Content to a Major Publication Example: partners with Avalaunch Media to explain how to optimize images for Pinterest.@Newspapergrl
    10. 10. Then when Pinterest added analytics, we created another infographic for Mashable.@Newspapergrl http://mashable.com/2013/03/20/pinter est-redesign-infographic/
    11. 11. @Newspapergrl
    12. 12. Tip #4: Create Content on Evergreen Topics Your unique take on cyclical things like seasons, holidays, back to school, tax time, Mother’s Day, big sports events, etc. Example: Degreesearch nerdy Valentines@Newspapergrl
    13. 13. Tip 5: Pitch your Story to Bloggers Three principles: 1. Relevant 2. Short 3. Specific Share on Google+, Facebook, Twitter@Newspapergrl (can lead to Forbes article)
    14. 14. @Newspapergrl
    15. 15. Example of a Successful Pitch Since you blog about sales, I wanted you to know about this new infographic about motivating sales pros. Find out what does drive superior sales performance for A-players with this infographic from Work.com Stats include: Less than 55% of employees make their sales quotas. 60% of companies dont give new hires milestones or goals. 95% of employees dont understand their employers strategy. http://work.com/sales_performance/secrets_of_sales_performance If you like it, wed love it if youd share on your blog or social feed.@Newspapergrl
    16. 16. Response from Blogger Janet, Nice info graphic. I don’t blog on sales management topics. However, I would be glad to tweet about it to my nearly 13,000 followers. The best thing to do is send me three ready-made tweets of 120 characters max (including links). Not full of hype though — just telling what’s in it. JILL@Newspapergrl
    17. 17. Tip 6: Reciprocate With influencers (bloggers with good reach) often want something in return, such as a relationship or for you to share their content back (win/win). When they post, you like/comment/share/tweet back. You benefit from their social reach and it can create ongoing relationships and goodwill.@Newspapergrl
    18. 18. Response #2 Okay! You got three tweets out of me. I’m officially retired. Now, can I ask a favor ... I just released a free ebook, Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code based on a survey I did of over 3000 sellers. We’ve already had about 15K downloads. Can you tweet about it too? LinkedIn will be featuring it soon, but they haven’t yet. Interesting info in Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code on what top sellers do to get biz: 2013 LinkedIn & Sales Survey filled w/ surprising stats: http://bit.ly/Crack-LI-Sales- Code via @jillkonrath <check it out> Check this out: Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code. Lots of good info in it:http://bit.ly/Crack-LI-Sales-Code Thanks for any help you can give! And, I know it’s out of the goodness of your heart. JILL@Newspapergrl
    19. 19. Tip #7: Use Tools to Find the Right Person to Pitch Underutilized tools: Followerwonk LinkedIn Groups Facebook Open@Newspapergrl Graph
    20. 20. Thank You! Janet Thaeler, Brand Ambassador janet@avalaunchmedia.com@Newspapergrl @newspapergrl