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SLCHUG Presents: INBOUND 2018 Recap: Behind the Scenes of What's New in HubSpot


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On September 27, 2018, Jeffrey Russo from HubSpot came in to town and gave our crowd of over 100 people a great recap of what was announced at Inbound 2018 just a few short weeks earlier.

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SLCHUG Presents: INBOUND 2018 Recap: Behind the Scenes of What's New in HubSpot

  1. 1. #SLCHUGGood morning Wi-fi network is lucid_guest - PW = lucidguesssed
  2. 2. #SLCHUG Agenda • Welcome & Housekeeping w/ Doc • Inbound 2018 Recap w/ Jeffrey • Q&A & Wrap-up
  3. 3. #SLCHUG Decks Will Be Available Recap Post Coming
  5. 5. #SLCHUG DARIN BERNTSON @iGoByDoc CEO/Founder Co-Leader SLCHUG
  6. 6. #SLCHUG BRANDON CARTER @bscarter Marketing Automation Manager HubSpot Customer Co-Leader of SLCHUG
  7. 7. #SLCHUG Roll Call • First Event? • HubSpot Users? • HubSpot Partner Agencies? • Awesome Guests?
  8. 8. #SLCHUG Welcome Everyone!
  9. 9. #SLCHUG Our Goals For SLCHUG • Frequency – Minimum 1 Main Event Per Quarter – Additional Workshops + Intensives tbd – These events are for you – We are not here to sell anyone – This is a learning environment
  10. 10. #SLCHUG Our Next SLCHUG Event December 4th - 4:30 PM @ 50 West Topic: TBD All Event Dates on SLCHUG Home Page Stay tuned for announcement!
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  19. 19. #SLCHUG READY?
  20. 20. #SLCHUG JEFFREY RUSSO @JeffreyRusso Director of Product Marketing
  21. 21. Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group
  22. 22. Hi, I’m Jeff. Director of Product Marketing At HubSpot since 2011
  23. 23. Research Support Messaging & Positioning Ongoing Amplification Launch
 Planning Ongoing Amplification Launch Planning Research Support Messaging + Positioning
  24. 24. Message Marketing Products Education Event Presence Documentation Sales Support Provisioning Internal Training Communication Partner Support Collateral Legal Review PR / AR / IR
  25. 25. Education Event Presence Documentation Sales Support Provisioning Internal Training Communication Partner Support Collateral Legal Review PR / AR / IR Message Marketing Products
  26. 26. HubSpot Enterprise 2018 Enhancements Custom Notifications Calculated Properties Messenger Forms Hierarchical Teams Sales Playbooks Rollup Properties Native Slack Integration Messenger Subscription Continuous Testing Single Sign-On Rollup Reporting by Team Custom Events Content Partitioning Messenger Broadcast Improved Multi
 Language Support Discount Approval
 Workflows Rollup Reporting
 by Team Revenue Tracking CMS Membership Brand Domains Recurring Revenue Tracking Social Team Permissioning Custom Events Custom Property Search Health Scoring Open Calling API Workflow Extensions Send Cap Frequency Workflows Speed Improvements Quote Approvals YouTube Integration eSign + Payment 
 Integrations Webhooks Custom Report Library Renewal Tracking
  27. 27. “Drinking from a firehose”
  28. 28. What’s new from HubSpot at INBOUND 2018?
  29. 29. Insight Product Methodology
  30. 30. Opportunity = Get Found Asset = Inbound Marketi Optimize = Steps Customers = Outcome The Funnel
  31. 31. Opportunity = Get Found Asset = Inbound Marketi Optimize = Steps Customers = Outcome The Funnel
  32. 32. Then Now
  33. 33. Then Now
  34. 34. Then Now for us
  35. 35. How Did You First Hear About HubSpot? Word of mouth Google HubSpot blog Review Sites Industry publication 33% 13% 26% 3% 3% Social media posts 3% Source: Marketing Agency Growth Report, 2018
  36. 36. Optimize = Seams Customers = Central The Flywheel Opportunity = Customer Deligh Asset = Happy Customer Liability = Unhappy Cu
  37. 37. Flywheel Free of FrictionFunnel Full of Friction Better Experience EraBetter Product Era
  38. 38. Insight Product Methodology
  39. 39. Product Suite in January 2018 Enterprise Marketing Sales Service Professional Professional CRM Starter Starter Basic
  40. 40. Non-GAAP R&D expense as a percentage of revenue 2016 2017 H1 2018 10% 15% 20% All percentages for historical periods are non-GAAP and exclude expenses associated with stock based compensation, amortization of acquired intangibles and acquisitions. Please refer to the end of this presentation for a reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP figures. R&D Investment 2016-2018
  41. 41. Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Marketing Sales Service Professional Professional CRM Starter Starter Starter Professional Product Suite in September 2018
  42. 42. Will we eventually outgrow HubSpot?
  43. 43. MARKETING SALES SERVICE 2000 200 20 2 EmployeeSize HubSpot in 2014
  44. 44. MARKETING SALES SERVICE 2000 200 20 2 EmployeeSize INBOUND 2018 & Our Path Forward
  45. 45. Marketing Hub
  46. 46. A lot is new in the Marketing Hub.
  47. 47. Conversations 1Connect with prospects when, and how they want. The way you communicate with prospects and customers should be fluid.
 Buyers expect to kick off a conversation over live chat, follow up with email, and then talk through details over the phone — all without skipping a beat.
  48. 48. Messaging has grown, and conversational marketing is here.
  49. 49. 60,000+ 8,400+ 2,600+Bots Created Chat Widgets Created Conversations
  50. 50. All your conversations. All in one place. HubSpot Conversations Automate and scale your conversations with bots to help qualify leads, book meetings, and provide answer support questions. Chat Bots Collaborate on team emails with a unified inbox for marketing, sales, and services. Easily route emails to the right individuals. Team Email Connect with prospects and visitors in real-time as they’re on your website. Respond directly via the Conversations Inbox, Slack or mobile app. Live Chat
  51. 51. HUBSPOT CONVERSATIONS Available now for free.
  52. 52. 2Marketing Hub Starter Stop managing tools. Start marketing right. With so many tools available, it’s easier than ever to start marketing. But it’s never been harder to start marketing right. Marketing Hub Starter has all the tools you need to attract, and engage customers 
 right from the start.
  53. 53. All the tools you need to start marketing right. Marketing Hub Starter Track and manage all your contact information in the same place as your marketing. Use contact data to fuel relevant, personalized campaigns. CRM Create beautiful emails with goal-based templates, then make it your own with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. Email Marketing Convert qualified website visitors into leads with customizable and mobile optimized forms and pop-ups on any page. Lead Capture
  54. 54. MARKETING HUB STARTER Starts at $50/month. Now with email.
  55. 55. HubSpot Video 3It’s time to elevate your video. Today, people gravitate towards personal, authentic, and conversational videos. T he businesses that match this change are the ones we pay attention to.
  56. 56. Your video. Elevated. HubSpot Video Analyze the performance of your videos directly from your HubSpot dashboard, and drill- down to contact analytics on the timeline. Video Insights Easily add a CTA or a Form overlaying the video at any specific time and start generating leads from your video content. CTAs & Forms Upload, manage, and distribute all your videos from a single place within HubSpot. Easily embed them in content in one- click. Hosting
  57. 57. Your video. Elevated. HubSpot Video Use Workflows to trigger follow- up actions based on video analytics. Trigger Follow-Ups Record 1:1 videos with, or without, your screen and easily send to contacts. Record Video Easily add videos into conversations with Sales or Service Hub Enterprise. Insert Videos in Live Chat
  58. 58. HUBSPOT VIDEO Included in Marketing, Sales, & Service Hub Professional and Enterprise
  59. 59. We’ve also got great news on the reporting front!
  60. 60. Analytics Views Build custom cuts of sources based on URL, domain, or country. Example: analyze traffic sources for only Brazilian traffic, or blog, or landing page subdomain.
  61. 61. With cross-object capabilities, the options are endless. Deals by contact original source Deals by company size Deals by company industry Deals by target company Deals by company region/territory Average / total lead score by company Engagements by target company Engagements by persona ….. …. … .. .
  62. 62. Answer all your team’s questions, right within HubSpot Advanced Reporting Create reports across different datasets to answer the most complex questions your team has. Cross-Object Reporting Track and manage multiple currencies in HubSpot. Multi-Currency Quickly answer questions about your prospects and customers using a powerful, easy-to-use Report Builder. Custom Reports + Dashboards
  63. 63. Marketing Hub Enterprise4Marketing Hub Enterprise gives advanced marketing teams more control, greater flexibility, and deeper integrations - all without making life complicated for you, your team, or your customers.
  64. 64. As companies scale, it gets harder for 
 different teams to work together as one. everyone on your team Enterprise is for
  65. 65. Single Sign-On Enhance the security of your HubSpot account 
 and gain more control over your team’s access 
 by configuring a custom authentication provider. In Beta | All Enterprise Products
  66. 66. Enhanced Teams Organize the users in your HubSpot account on multiple levels based on teams, region, business unit, product line, or any other dimension. Use Teams to control access to tools, limit visibility into your database, and easily segment or roll- up custom reports. Available Now | All Enterprise Products
  67. 67. SCREENSHOT PLACEHOLDER SCREENSHOT PLACEHOLDER Content Partitioning Use Teams to segment assets in HubSpot, giving the right users easy and uncluttered access 
 to the right content. Useful for international marketing teams, teams segmented across divisions, product lines, brands, or other dimensions.
  68. 68. Growing businesses “do more” in dozens of different ways. They generate more leads. Have more conversations. Sell more products. Collect more data. everything you do Enterprise supports
  69. 69. SCREENSHOT PLACEHOLDER Custom Bots Deploy useful bots that can assist with simple requests like surfacing relevant help documentation, routing inquiries to the right team, booking appointments, and more. Use custom code to handle any type of inquiry. Available Now | All Enterprise Products
  70. 70. Calculated + Rollup Create fields in HubSpot that perform useful calculations and roll up data from other fields, 
 like sales commissions and splits. Properties Available Now | All Enterprise Products
  71. 71. SCREENSHOT PLACEHOLDER Manage recurring revenue and renewals right 
 inside of HubSpot with improvements to 
 revenue tracking & reporting. Recurring Revenue Tracking Available Now | All Enterprise Products
  72. 72. Relational Imports Easily import contacts, companies,
 deals, tickets, and products with relationships 
 across objects. In Beta | All Enterprise Products
  73. 73. Sales Hub
  74. 74. The tyranny of the immediate always wins.
  75. 75. You start with your CRM.
  76. 76. And you start adding point solutions...
  77. 77. Next, you need to think about automation, and integrating these tools together.
  78. 78. The tyranny of the immediate always wins.
  79. 79. Sell Better
  80. 80. Enterprise
  81. 81. Let’s give reps their day back
  82. 82. Custom Slack Notifications Keep your team connected to your customers everywhere they go with HubSpot’s native Slack integration. Trigger notifications in Slack based 
 off conditions and triggers using Workflows.
  83. 83. Online Meeting Integrations Connect your favorite online meeting providers directly into your HubSpot meetings.
  84. 84. Predictive Automatically score and rank leads based on their likelihood to close as customers, factoring in hundreds of behavioral, demographic, firmographic, and technology factors. Lead Scoring
  85. 85. Quote Approval Require approval for quotes that meet certain criteria, like percentage discounts. Management
  86. 86. eSignature Collect signatures on quotes and other 
 documents right inside of HubSpot.
  87. 87. Let’s turn managers into mentors
  88. 88. Source: HubSpot survey responses
  89. 89. Goal Management Measure your sales and services team's performance on a granular level with period- based quotas and SLAs.
  90. 90. Playbooks Build a library of sales best practices and resources. Use rules-based automation to surface recommended content to your sales team, right inside of HubSpot.
  91. 91. Call Transcription Let HubSpot conveniently transcribe any 
 recorded call right inside your CRM. & Recording
  92. 92. CRM Sales Acceleration Reporting Automation
  93. 93. Service Hub
  94. 94. Service
  95. 95. Service Hub Starter1New Freemium Offering.
 Service Hub Starter begins at $50 USD/month, and includes Tickets and 1:1 tools. 
 Plus, a slimmed down version of Tickets will be rolling out to HubSpot CRM Free over the rest of the year. ENGAGE
  96. 96. Help Desk Upgrades2Starter, Pro and Enterprise. Service Hub now features several new Help Desk improvements including.
 ● Custom Ticket Fields in Support Form ● Automation of External Emails ● Custom, Cross-Object Reports (beta) ● Ticket Properties in Marketing Email ● Object Associations on Import (beta)
  97. 97. What’s new in Pro / Enterprise? HubSpot Helpdesk Upgrades Use Ticket properties in bulk emails with customers Ticket Tags in Email More flexibility and deeper integration with HubSpot Forms Custom Support Forms Join multiple objects upon import, like Tickets and Contacts Import Object Association
  98. 98. Feedback
 upgrades3What’s new in Pro / Enterprise
 ● More Customization
 ● More Flexibility
 ● Customer Experience Surveys
 ● Follow-up Automation (coming soon)
  99. 99. What’s new in Pro / Enterprise? Customer Feedback Upgrades Establish listening posts across the customer journey Customer Experience Surveys More choices to work for all business intricacies Customization & Flexibility Leverage promoters for growth, and get the jump on detractors Follow-up Automation
  100. 100. Knowledge 
 base upgrades4Starter, Pro and Enterprise. ● Drag & Drop Categorization
 ● Search Reporting
 ● Feedback On Articles
 ● List Restricted Articles (coming soon)
 ● AI in Knowledge Bot (coming soon)
  101. 101. What’s new in Pro / Enterprise? Knowledge Base Upgrades One of a kind search reporting that stamps in your CRM
 Knowledge Base Search Improved categorization 
 of articles
 Categorization Not yet in beta, the ability to restrict articles to a list of users Restricted Articles
  102. 102. Last but not least… More tools for less money.
  103. 103. Marketing Hub HubSpot CRM Sales Hub Service Hub Introducing the HubSpot Growth Suites All the tools HubSpot has to offer at the Starter, Professional 
 or Enterprise level, available in a single package available for 25% off Buy before price increaseson 11/1!
  104. 104. Next on the horizon – Partner Day in May 2019!
  105. 105. THANK YOU!
  106. 106. Q+A
  107. 107. #SLCHUG 119 Search Engine Optimization Blogging & Social Media Lead Generation Email & Automation Marketing Analytics Lead ManagementThanks for being a part of our community!