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Film exhibition

  1. 1. Film ExhibitionFilm exhibition concerns the showing of ______primarily in cinemas.Exhibition could also include the showing of filmswithin ________ but the most importantconcern for our exam are the _____types ofcinema and the different types of films that theyshow and how the cinema creates viewer________ in their films. The two main types ofcinemas in the UK are _________ and _________cinemas.
  2. 2. Film Exhibition• Film exhibition concerns the showing of films primarily in cinemas.• Exhibition could also include the showing of films within festivals but most important concern for our exam are the different types of cinema and the different types of films that they show and how the cinema creates viewer interest in their films.• The two main types of cinemas in the UK are Multiplexes and Independent cinemas.
  3. 3. The rise of the multiplex No multiplexes until the 1980s in the UK Before this either independent or part of a national chain
  4. 4. Why did multiplexes arrive? Investment in exhibition outlets (multiplexes) came about because American Producers were worried that there were not enough cinemas in which audiences could see their products. Universal / Warner Bros invested in many multiplexes. They were not allowed to show their own products alone. WHY?1948 paramount Decreebut multiplexes could show lots of their films whilst exhibiting others.
  5. 5. Discuss!Why are they situated largely outside towns?What is the attraction of the multiplex?
  6. 6. Independent and art house cinemas• Owned by individuals or smaller companies• Exhibit different films to multiplexes• Foreign language films, independent films, experimental films• Often in renovated buildings- café BUT NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS• A very different experience to a multiplex visit• More than just entertain( director retrospective/ shopping trip• DO NOT STEREO TYPE AUDIENCES THOUGH
  7. 7. The exhibitor• Exhibitors RENT from a distributor. They observe the market and decide on films to show that will match their cinema.• They also give space to distributers who want to advertise forthcoming attractions. Posters in Foyers , trailers etc.• Trailers matched to profile of audience.• Exhibitors advertise their films locally, competitions, ads in local papers,
  8. 8. The Arts Picture House in Cambridge
  9. 9. Cineworld in Cambridge
  10. 10. Similarities and differences• Number of screens• Geographical location• Entertainment on offer apart from film viewing• The types of film being exhibited at each cinema• The audience profiles of those who frequent both types of cinema
  11. 11. Using the case study as helpinvestigate what is being shown ata multiplex and independentcinema our area.