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New paths - bring new ideas to your L&D project


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Short e-book of the Learning Battle Cards "How to use" series. This one is explaining how to make team activity to bring new ideas to your project and keep this ideas realistic.

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New paths - bring new ideas to your L&D project

  1. 1. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths learningbattlecards.comgroup size 6-20 New paths How to make your learning design team enrich project with new innovative but realistic ideas time [min] 100-180 Learning Battle Cards activity
  2. 2. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths The art of design good and efficient learning processes is not easy. Learners of different generations and needs expect something new and oustanding to engage them in learning. This ebook is prepared for teams which design and implement learning projects. Find out how to make a short activity with your team to bring new ideas to your learning or development project. The ideas will be new and probably innovative, but they will also be realistic and possible to implement in your project. You will need to use Learning Battle Cards. What this content is about?
  3. 3. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Activity summary To make the team bring new ideas which are innovative but fit the project goals and are realistic. The Goal Several new ideas to be implemented in the learning project. Result Depends on team size: 100-180 minutes Time You will need 2-4 learning battle cards decks – one for each group Tools
  4. 4. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths 1 2 3 4 Timing Project context Groups and roles Group Work Ideas presentation 15-30 min depending if the team is familiar with the project 45 min10 min 30+ min Depends on group size – allow at least 5 minutes for each idea presented. If there is time you can allow some time for discussion for each idea.
  5. 5. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Project context (5-15 min) Business goals Learning goals Target group Learning environment The New Paths activity is designed to be used in context of the project. We want to bring new ideas but relevant to the particular learning journey. To keep people minds close to project inform teams what project is considered. Define or recall its goals, target group and learning environment. 1
  6. 6. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Ask people to form groups of 3 people. In each group one person shall be chosen as so called reviewer, the rest people are innovators. Provide each team with one deck of Learning Battle Cards. Explain teams what are roles in the teams according to the chart on next page. Groups and roles (10 min)2
  7. 7. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Innovators are expected to choose 1 method (15 minutes) and present idea based on the method to improve project. Reviewer is responsible for keeping the idea realistic, linked with the project and its aims.
  8. 8. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Review 2 15 min Review 1 15 min Idea Incubation 15 min Ask each team to divide LBC deck into 2 parts and give them to innovators. Group work is divided into 2 phases. Group work (45 min)3 Phase 1 – Idea incubation First ask innovators to quickly review their half of deck and choose one card. Then they shall prepare to present their idea based on the card. In the meantime you can take all the reviewers to other part of room and discuss with them what are the most important factors to keep the ideas within the project goals and possibilities.
  9. 9. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Review process Phase 2 - Reviews Reviewers ask first innowator of their team to present shortly his idea. Reviewers ask questions and discuss with innowator to make the idea realistic and linked with project. They ask what we need to implement idea, how it works in our project etc. During review the second innowator can help both collegues to shape the idea. After half of time Reviewer makes review with the second innowator in his team. Questions helping to make idea realistic: • How we can do it? • Who can do it? • What are the additional costs? Questions helping to make idea linked with project: • What activities in our project can be enriched by the idea? • How it fits our goals?
  10. 10. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Ask teams to present their ideas. Allow at least 5 minutes for each one. Ask them to explain how the idea supports project and its goals. Ask to propose how the idea can be implemented in the project. If there is spare time encourage discussion about implementation of each idea. Ideas presentation (30+ min)4
  11. 11. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths After the activity you get a list of new ideas for the project. You can proces the list in different ways: make ranking, use methods like 6 hats of creativity etc. The key elements of this activity are to blend creativity inspired by Learning Battle Cards and realistic approach provided by the review process. Please be sure that your group understands it. You can consider to introduce to this activity some competition between teams. Practical tips
  12. 12. Learning Battle Cards activity New paths Learning Battle Cards Buy your deck at More information