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Lunch Tennis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Lunch Tennis

  1. 1. Lunch TennisCrash course on Creativity Nov’12
  2. 2. Description• An easy and quick game designed to be played after lunch for the office workers• 2 people participate in the game• A tournament of winners is easily organized• A spoon and a fork are the main tools used in the game• …
  3. 3. The RulesThe object can be anything (tennis ball, piece of paper, egg etc)The distance/object depend on skills/experience
  4. 4. The points
  5. 5. The winner Player A Player B Score (Set 1) 5 3 Score (Set 2) 4 5 Total 9 8 Winner Yes Player A Player B Score (Set 1) 2 5 Score (Set 2) 5 2Score (Extra Set) 4 5 Total 11 12 Winner Yes
  6. 6. The rules (cont’d)• If a player misses to catch the object – the other gets a point• After 5 points the players exchange the tools• The winner is the one who scored the most points• In case of equal points – one more game is played, the tool is selected by drawing