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Prezentacija na engleskom


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Prezentacija na engleskom

  1. 1. WAR AND THE ENVIRONMENT Doris Perković 7.a
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Lately we have often been informed about the war all over our only planet. Physical violence does not only destroy human, but animal and plant life.
  3. 3. NAPALM AS A WEAPON • Napalm was used in the Vietnam War, it's a very dangerous weapon that causes great consequences . It was used in Syria's attack on the rebels north of the city of Homs. • During the Vietnam War the sixth of the forests was destroyed in order to surrounding nations lose their shelter.
  4. 4. CONSEQUENCES OF NAPALM ON HUMAN SKIN • Napalm burns human skin and produces burns and infections.
  5. 5. WATER • In the past, the war contaminated water in many ways: the fortified cities were polluting the water sources in order to capture the fort more easily,they built the dams that automatically collected a variety of bacteria. The sea hapened the biggest damage: weapons and ammunition stocks from submerged ships polluted the aquatic life and did long-term damage to beings that live there. Some nations placed surplus weapons on tankers and they deliberately sank them not awared what they actually did)
  6. 6. Sea ​and animals before the oil spill. Sea and animals after the oil spill.
  7. 7. SOIL • To quickly force out the people around them, soldiers were destroying their lands and estates. The soil became uncultivated and very polluted. The Ottomans in their conquest burned all immovable property and soil that they were not necessary for them. When the water came to that soil, it would immediately become polluted.
  8. 8. PLANTS • The plants are very fragile and brittle and they were destroyed the most. People by their own negligence make enormous damage, so imagine how much damage lthey do when they do it on purpose. Many plant species extincted in wars.