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Oš igk gornje bazje about shool...


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Oš igk gornje bazje about shool...

  1. 1. The Primary School of Ivan Goran Kovačić Gornje Bazje
  2. 2. The Republic of Croatia
  3. 3.   Organized teaching in Gornje Bazje dates from 19th century, precisely from 1864, when the first school building was built It was built by nobleman Janković.
  4. 4. The founder of the Primary School of Ivan Goran Kovačić Gornje Bazje is Virovitičko-podravska county.
  5. 5. The Primary School of Ivan Goran Kovačić Gornje Bazje “The school of real knowledge”
  6. 6. Our mission   By constant upgrading of teaching process and quality cooperation of all participants of the education system in our school, we develop a distinctive teaching method based on a equable and steady level in order to train all students for further education and for developing their potentials. We want to create conditions for the improvement on firm traditional foundations in accordance with the modern approach to education.
  7. 7. The day of our school is celebrated on the first day of spring, 21th March.
  8. 8. Important numbers and facilities        Staff: 48 Teachers: 30 Pupils: 260 Classrooms: 11 School library, gym Staff room, principle’s office, secretary’s office, accountant’s office, school playground 5 satellite schools
  9. 9. Satellite school in Turanovac
  10. 10. Satellite school in Lukač
  11. 11. Satellite school in Dugo Selo Lukačko
  12. 12. Satellite school in Terezino Polje
  13. 13. Satellite school in Veliko Polje
  14. 14. Projects    In our school there are many motivated and creative pupils and teachers. We are recognized in our country by our achivments in literary, drama and journalistic expression. Our school has taken part in two international projects so far.
  15. 15. Project: By Fairy Tales to Reality – Conflict Resolution     It was a project funded by Erste foundation, coordinated by Interculturales Zentrum from Vienna as part of Aces (Academy of central european schools) initiative. It was in partnership with an elementary school from Romania It was based on ouse of process drama and forum theatre in dealing with conflicts in schools and our surroundings. /By-Fairy-Tales-to-Reality-ConflictResolution/110845608980834
  16. 16. A Green World for Everybody     It is an ongoing Comenius project with six other partner schools (every school was accepted in the partnership). It is dealing with environmental issues and developing many different pupils’ and teachers’ competences. A representative project website is still not ready, but we’re working on it. Here is the Croatian version: s2012-2014
  17. 17. Saša Topić Our project team for Comenius 2012/2014 Sanja Grabić Ivan Slavić Igor Bregovec Natalja Bajer Danijela Fadljević Višnja Cvek Zrinka Žiga Igor Fučkar Andreja Galović Viktorija Majstorović
  18. 18.