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Global warming [opraveno]


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Global warming [opraveno]

  1. 1. Global warming
  2. 2. GREENHOUSE EFFECT The greenhouse effect has always existed and kept the Earth warmer than it would be without an atmosphere .Increased concentrations of greenhouse gases lead to higher accumulation of energy increasing the temperature of the Earths atmosphere.
  3. 3. CLIMATE CHANGES- increasing sea ​level- precipitation increases by 1%- decreasing snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere- reduction of the floating iceberg in the Arctic Ocean
  4. 4. NEGATIVE EFFECTS- higher temperatures influence the proliferation of mosquitos transmitting disease such as encephalitis and tropical fever- higher summer temperatures (heat death)- floods- drought (famine)- increased sea ​level could destroy beaches, create tidal waves and endanger the sources of drinking water- some coastal states would disappear under water
  5. 5. HOW COULD PEOPLE HELP THE PLANET ?- greener cars and use the public transport- recycling- planting new trees- way of shopping