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Energy from waste sanja ljescak - eng


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The use of waste for energy production, fossil fules, biomass, coal, power

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Energy from waste sanja ljescak - eng

  1. 1. • there are two theories about fossil fuels: a) fossil fuels are abundant and will never disappear b) oil supplies wil disapper in 34 years,natural gas in 55 years and coal for 127 years • We have to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources • We can get fuel, biogas and methane from waste
  2. 2. • oil • coal • natural gas
  3. 3. • wind, water, solar energy
  4. 4. Windmills and solar panels = energy from wind and sun
  5. 5. • Nuclear plants do not emit carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment, but nuclear fuel becomes radioactive and must be stored for decades in the security concrete pools. • If the storage error occurs, an accident of gigantic proportions like those at Chernobyl in 1986. and Fucushima 2011. could happen.
  6. 6. • Biomass is what most people consider garbage like trash, garden waste, wood chips and even manure. • The biomass is fed into a large funnel and then into the oven where mass burns. As the waste decomposes, it produces methane, which is collected in tubes. Methane can be burned in a power plant to produce electricity.
  7. 7. • Fuel produced from paper, wood, textiles and small plastics under controlled conditions.
  8. 8. • Most of you don’t know Sweden is importing waste from other European countries. Importing garbage is not a common thing, is it? • Swedish have a reason for it, given the modest production waste, they imported it because they have an incinerator and operations would close without imports.