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Cumulative survey results for energy


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Published in: Education
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Cumulative survey results for energy

  1. 1. CUMULATIVE SURVEY RESULTS FOR ENERGY The aim of this study was to investigate students' opinions about the environment and their attitude towards it. The results showed that are well informed but do not apply what they have learned. SAMPLES The survey involved a total of 50 students, aged 12 years old boys , girls enrolled in the sixth grade of the 3rd Primary School. ANALYSIS OF THE OUTCOME As tools questionnaires were used which were written by students with the help of teachers and translated in English by groups of students to be shared with the other countries. The combination of the following thematic areas were attempted in the research.  Energy  Heating  Electricity  Transfer  Water RESULTS The questionnaire results are attributable to percentage showed that: 1. 62% of the people being questioned consider as renewable energy sources the wind, biomass, water , solar and geothermal energy. a) 15/50 b ) 31/50 c) 4/50
  2. 2. 2. 88% consider oil as non- renewable source of energy. a) 6/50 b) 44/50 3. 92% think that when we are cold, even though the windows are closed and the heating on we tend to turn up the heating. a) 46/50 b) 4/50 4. 90% consider that the heating must be closed when we open the windows to refresh the air in the rooms or at home. a) 5/50 b) 45/50 5. 52% believe that we should always turn off the screen of the devices.
  3. 3. a) 12/50 b) 2/50 c) 26/50 6. 94% know that they must turn off the lights when we are the last to leave a room. a) 47/50 b) 0/50 c) 3/50 7. 68% responded that the school use incandescent bulbs. a) 16/50 b) 34/50 8. 86% answered that they come to school on foot or by bike
  4. 4. a) 6/50 b) 1/50 c) 43/50 9. 52% said that they usually have a short shower , turning off the tap whikle they are having the shower a) 21/50 b) 3/50 c) 26/50 10. 98% said that they turn off the tap when they brush their teeth or wash the plates if water is not needed a) 1/50 b) 49/50 11. 44% said that when they drink water they leave the excess water for later. a) 14/50 b)22/50 c) 14/50
  5. 5. 12. 46% responded that they water the plants in the garden with a watering can a) 16/50 b) 23/50 c) 11/50 13. 50% said that they fill a basin when they wash their pet. a) 25/50 b) 10/50 c) 15/50 14. 74% answered that seeing a tap running non- stop at the break leaves it on thinking that someone left it like this intentionally.
  6. 6. a) 11/50 b) 37/50 c) 2/50
  7. 7. a) 11/50 b) 37/50 c) 2/50