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Biomasa aj


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Biomasa aj

  1. 1. Renewable resources The renewable resources include:
  2. 2. • Biomass is defined as the mass of organic origin. • With regard to energy, the most frequent is the wood and wood waste, straw and other agricultural residues including livestock excrement.
  3. 3. Among energy crops (including fastgrowing tree species) plants are cellulose and oily. The cellulose plants at home using wood, cereals, grassland, cannabis or unconventional Miscanthus . cereals
  4. 4. Before entry to the energy facility must be biomass usually modified. Methods of these adjustments depends primarily on the desired type and quality of materials entering into its own energy equipment. In the case of solid forms of biomass is usually drying (natural or artificial) and dimensional modifications (cutting, chopping, crushing, compacting, briquetting, pelleting). Sometimes the solid biomass before entry to the incinerator gasification generators (wood gas production). Made by wood gas can be purified and cooled or be used directly. pellets