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3.newsletter turkey


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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3.newsletter turkey

  1. 1. SIYAHSER SECONDARY SCHOOL THIRD NEWSLETTER- SAVING ENERGY AND WATER Saving energy and water are the most important problems in the world. All people should take their responsibilities to reduce wasting of water and energy. At the school, a questionnaire that was about saving water and energy was done. 50 students answered the questions of the questionnaire. Thanks to this questionnaire, students carried out research about saving energy and water then shared their information with their friends.
  2. 2. RESULTS 1. %58 of the students said that the aeolian energy, the solar energy, the water, the biomass and geothermal energy are considered renewable. 2. %52believethattheoil is renewablesource of energy. 3.Half of thestudentssaidthatthey turnuptheheatingwhent heyarecoldalthoughtheh eating is on.
  3. 3. 4. %86 saidthattheheating is offwhentheyopenthe windowtorenewtheai r. 5. % 72 answeredtheyalwaysturnof fthescreenaftertheyusethec omputer, thetelevision, theplaystationorsomesimil arappliance. 6. % 94 saidthattheyturnoffthelig htwhentheyarethelaston ethatcomesout of theroom.
  4. 4. 7. % 74 answeredtheyuselamps of savingenergy in theschool. 8. %94 of thestudentscome in toschool on footorwithbicycle. 9. % 60 havebathwhentheyu suallywashthemselv es in thehouse.
  5. 5. 10.% 98 saidtheyturnoffthe tap whenthey do not usewater. 11.% 72 answeredwhentheydri nkwaterthat is in excesstheythrow it in theflowers. 12.% 60 of thestudentssaidthatt heyopenandclosethe tap each time wheretheyneed it whilewateringthepla nts in thegarden.
  6. 6. 13.% 76 washtheirpetswith soap in thebasinandafterw ardsrinse it withthehose. 14.% 92 saidthat in theprevious break a tap in theschool is leaking, theyimmediatelyi nformthedirector.