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Penche CIRAD 2010


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Penche CIRAD 2010

  1. 1. A non gouvernemental  MIS for vegetables in  Madagascar: the SIEL Madagascar: the SIEL Relevance a d issues o t e syste e e a ce and ssues of the system Aurélien Penche March, 29, 2010
  2. 2. Plan for the presentation Problematic and methodology gy Description of SIEL, context and particularities p , p Diffusion strategy Information reported and producers needs Uses and limits of market information providing, di idi disparities b t iti between producers d
  3. 3. Problematic and methodology What are the information needs of vegetable producers? Does SIEL answer properly to these needs ? What must be improved? Study based on 97 farmers surveys in 8 areas where work SIEL
  4. 4. Presentation of the SIEL
  5. 5. Context and history of SIEL 2003 : Starting of the p g g program « Support to the pp horticulture sector on the Highlands of Madagascar » lead by the NGO FERT and a malagasy farmer federation FIFATA Capacity building (field technical advisers, horticultural training center) Support to farmer marketing groups Had to face difficulties, did not work as well as expected Display that farmers had to face information issues 2006 : Set up of a MIS to: p Bring more transpency in horticulture sector Encourage producers to more reactivity in marketing
  6. 6. Localisation of SIEL activities DIEGO-SUAREZ Région Marché Relevé Diffusion Analavory x x Imerintsiatosika x x Itasy Manazary x x MAJUNGA Ampary x Arivonimamo x Environs Alaotra-Mangoro x x d’Ambatondrazaka Analamanga Anosibe x TAMATAVE (Antananarivo) Anosizato x Antsirabe x ANTANANARIVO Betafo x x Vakinankaratra Alakamisy-Ambano x x ANTSIRABE Faratsiho x x Amoron'Mania Ambositra x x FIANARANTSOA Fianarantsoa x Ambalavao x x Haute Matsiatra Ikalamavony x Ambohimasoa x Ihorombe Ihosy x x TULEAR Mananovy x Anosy Diffusion seule Ilakaka x Relevé seul Relevé et diffusion Atsimo-Andrefana Tulear x
  7. 7. Informations diffused Products Tomato (Olivetti, round) Carotte Potato Oignon Green bean Quotations PM Maximum price Representing best and worst quality pm Minimum price Mod Modal Price Most frequent price, standard product Volume exchanged + Few products on the market ++ Normal activity +++ Lot of products on the market
  8. 8. Particularities of SIEL Included in a global p g g program for horticulture sector, managed by a NGO (FERT) and a farmer national federation (FIFATA) Works thanks to field W k th k t fi ld agents experienced i t i d in horticulture and local parteners (Government agents, NGO…) MIS close to the field: personnalized p Light and flexible system (10 000 €/year) Technical support combined to information bringing
  9. 9. Diffusion strategy of SIEL
  10. 10. A diffusion strategy based on notice boards… On weekly market Enliven by the person in charge for SIEL localy Cheap and easy to set up
  11. 11. … Which turned out not very suitable to the situation Many transactions take place outside the market Many producers which don’t go to the weekly market do not have access to the information board SIEL is unknown of many farmers in some areas Education level is usually low in the countriside, y , Peasants have difficulties to understand boards
  12. 12. The Radio : a promising media for SIEL i the Highlands of Madagascar in th Hi hl d f M d Radio broadcasting exist and works well in 2 areas : g Knowledge of SIEL is noticeably increased (91%) Comprehension is easier for farmers Many local radios exist on the Highlands, they are very popular Make SIEL accessible to much more producers Favorite broadcasting way for 72% of producers Develop radio broadcasting is a priority for SIEL future
  13. 13. Information reported and producers real needs d l d
  14. 14. Information needs of producers are now identified… Good knowledge of local and regional market situation Many different information sources y Lack of informations about consumption markets Informations mostly given b t d I f ti tl i by traders, which are not hi h t judged as reliable by producers Strategical information, judged necessary by 66% of producers Important demand concerning information about consumption markets.
  15. 15. … But not enough fullfield by SIEL SIEL collect prices on : p 10 production markets Not very interresting for producers Are not totally accurate 6 urban wholesale markets Important ones are well reported (Antananarivo…) Not enough coverage of big consumption markets SIEL have to focus on consumption markets information… but collect th i f ti b t ll t these prices i more i is difficult and more expensive for the system
  16. 16. Uses and limits of market information broadcasting, disparities between producers b d i di ii b d
  17. 17. Market decisions constraints High cost of transport High marketing risks on new markets or with new products p Negociation ability often limited for producers (oligopsonistic situation, perishable products…) Securing strategies : interlinked transactions, local specialisation in a few products Limits in using market information
  18. 18. Disparities between producers for use of information i f i « Small » producers, (usualy small land owners): Need to increase th value of th i vegetables N dt i the l f their t bl Need non agricultural incomes Look for more lucrative market chanel (selling directly to consummer, re-selling consummer re selling products in a city ) city…) Interested in a good marketing information « Medium » Producers : Vegetables are secondary production i their f V bl d d i in h i farm Focus on production activities Maximum securing strategies « Big » producers (often important land owners) Financial capacity to invest and to take risks Try to « maximize their profits » (new markets/products…) y p ( p ) More capacity to use informations as marketing decision criteria
  19. 19. Conclusion SIEL impact is not yet significant… … however information needs are importants Some technical improvement should be done to adapt SIEL to needs and capacities of producers : Radio broadcasting Focus on consumption markets rather than production markets… … But constraints to marketing choices remain high for many producers Assiation with other actions should be done ? (micro credit/insurance f marketing ?) ( i di /i for k i
  20. 20. MERCI DE VOTRE ATTENTION … And sorry to not have spoken in english!