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The number of the disciples was multiplied


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Gospel Doctrine. New Testament Manual Lesson 29: The Number of the Disciples was Multiplied

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The number of the disciples was multiplied

  2. 2. THE NUMBER OF DISCIPLES WAS MULTIPLIED • Context and Review • To whom was the Gospel Preached after the Resurrection (see Matt 28:19 and Acts 1:8) • How many converts were there (see Acts 2: 41 and Acts 4:4) • What economy/society existed in the Ancient Church (see Acts 2: 44-45 and Acts 4: 32, 34-35) • Essential Terminology
  3. 3. “GRECIAN”there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews KJV Acts 6:1
  4. 4. “HELLENISTIC JEWS” a complaint arose on the part of the Hellenistic Jews against the native Hebrews NASB Acts 6:1
  5. 5. HELLENISTIC JEWS • Greek speaking Jews living in the Diaspora • Tended to be less strict; combined elements of Jewish religious tradition with Greek culture
  6. 6. DIASPORA
  7. 7. DIASPORA •Dispersion of Jews beyond Israel by migration or expulsion!
  8. 8. PROSELYTE and Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch (KJV Acts 6:5)
  9. 9. PROSELYTE • A proselyte is one born of non-Israelite (Greek or Roman) lineage, who joins the Jews' religion by circumcision and obedience to the other requirements of the law of Moses. • Such proselytes to Judaism were the first non- Jewish converts to the Church.
  10. 10. JUDAIZER why compellest thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews (Gr: Judaize)? (KJV Galatians 2:14)
  11. 11. JUDAIZER why compellest thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews? (KJV Galatians 2:14) • Group of ancient disciples (including Peter before his vision) who assumed that converts to Christianity must first convert to Judaism, including circumcision, keeping kosher, etc.
  12. 12. •Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-15 •Read 1 Corinthians 12: 16-20
  13. 13. SEVEN MEN ARE ORDAINED TO SUPERVISE THE TEMPORAL WORK OF THE CHURCH •Choosing the Seven •Read Acts 6: 1-7 (one verse at a time)
  14. 14. PHILIP PREACHES AND PERFORMS MIRACLES IN SAMARIA •An Ethiopian Receives Christ •Read Acts 8: 26-31; 35-38 •What blessings come to us and others as we follow the Spirit
  15. 15. “DIVERSITY IS A STRENGTH OF THIS CHURCH” •Read Acts 1:8 •Ancient Church was multi-ethnic •List ethnicities of Ancient Church •Likewise, Modern Church is Multi-ethnic •Read quotes on Diversity
  16. 16. “DIVERSITY IS A STRENGTH OF THIS CHURCH” •How does diversity among members enrich and strengthen the Church? •How can we differ from each other and still be unified?
  17. 17. “It is in understanding and accepting [the] universal fatherhood of God that all human beings can best appreciate God’s concern for them and their relationship to each other. This is a message of life and love that strikes squarely against all stifling traditions based on race, language, economic or political standing, educational rank, or cultural background, for we are all of the same spiritual descent. We have a divine pedigree; every person is a spiritual child of God”
  18. 18. STEPHEN TESTIFIES BEFORE THE SANHEDRIN AND IS STONED TO DEATH • Read Acts 6: 11-15 • Read Chapter heading to Acts 7 • How can we make sure we do not forget the Lord’s workings in our own lives? • How does remembering past blessings from the Lord help us remain faithful in the present? • Read Acts 7:55-56
  19. 19. SAUL IS CONVERTED AND BAPTIZED AND BEGINS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL • Saul was a Jew from the Diaspora, Tarsus • Roman Citizen • Spoke both Greek and Aramaic • Pharisee, trained at Jerusalem by Gamaliel • Present and consented to stoning of Stephen • Responsible for imprisonment and death of many members of Church
  20. 20. “On occasion individuals can have [experiences like Saul’s], but for the most part, conversion happens over a period of time as study, prayer, experience, and faith help us to grow in our testimony and conversion”
  21. 21. HOW CAN WE HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD? •D&C 1: 38 •D&C 6:23 •D&C 8:2 •D&C 18:34-36
  22. 22. LORD, WHAT WILL THOU HAVE ME TO DO? • Read Acts 9: 6 • Ezra Taft Benson said that Paul’s question, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” is the most important question we can ask in this life. • Why is it so important? • How have you been blessed by knowing God’s will for you and submitting to it?