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Mobile apps Technology Choices


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SlashMobility Workshop to Wolters Kluwer for Mobility Sessions regarding to Mobility for software in this Barcelona Working Session

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Mobile apps Technology Choices

  1. 1. Mobile Technology Choices Q & A Session SlashMobility Mobility for Software, Barcelona Working Session
  2. 2. Agenda:Mobility for Software, Barcelona Working Session Short Profile Key Trends Key Considerations Mobile Development
  3. 3. Company Profile Strategic Consultancy  We’re a startup founded on 2010 Expert Assessment focused on mobile apps development.Services Slash Products (B2B,B2C)  With the mission of being the best specialist in providing mobile applications adding value to Projects Mobile app Development companies: iPhone & Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone y Mobile Web. Training in Mobile Technologies Slash Customers Training Seminars and lectures AppMarketing AEO Top Market & Store x Mobile User Engagement
  4. 4. My ProfileEmilio Avilés Advisor Member at: Techmi.esCEO & Co-Founder A young team, with ambition andResponsible for business and multidisciplinary having more thanfinancial strategy as well as 10 years experience in mobile technology world.commercial relations. Chosen company by “Barcelona Activa” to be part of their incubator innovation companies (2010-2013) Computer Science Engineer Mobile Consultant winners of the first Universidad Politecnica Minicampus of enterprising Madrid SeedRocket (2010) Selected company for Master in Machine Learning participating in the IV Investor Days (2010) Bristol UK University Speaker company in the st Bdigital Apps. 1 Edition Degree in Business Administration More than 200 students UNED trained in Mobile applications in 2010.
  5. 5. Key Factors: The Boom20 years ago every company wanted a Web… nowadays they want an App
  6. 6. Key Factors: Figures 1000M smartphones 2011 $29Bill 2011 500M apps users 1MM Apps3 of 4 users expect their apps brands
  7. 7. Key Factors: Mobile Apps Development Providers HairLoss Seller Freelance Startup 2-3 year old La llamada conquista del Oeste se inicia, hacia1848, con el estallido de la fiebre del oro en New Startup Consultants (Cross Providers)California. Rápidamente, lo que era un desiertocon unas pocas aldeas, comenzó a poblarse demanera desordenada y vertiginosa. Su población Fiebre Fiebre del Oro Internetcreció vertiginosamente. La mayor parte del orofácil de recoger ya había sido obtenida para 1850,por lo que la atención se desvió hacia la extraccióndel mineral en localidades más problemáticas.Para 1855, las circunstancias económicas habíancambiado radicalmente. El oro ya no era tan fácilde obtener, y la única forma rentable deconseguirlo era con grandes equipos de 40años 10 añostrabajadores, ya fueran empleados o socios.
  8. 8. Key Considerations: Feature vs BenefitCommon Mistake: Develop an App before think about the Bus. Model ¿Qué fue primero el huevo o la gallina? Idea Who is the user & Type of App Which Plattform What is the business Model ISIDORO EGEA RANGE Development
  9. 9. Key Considerations: Type of apps Different type of apps means different types of business models Client B2B B2B2C B2C Distribution Adhoc Product App Store Business Model Services License Pay-per-app Investment - Potencial Target + Scalability - Profits B2B: App complexity is linked to the App goal Marketing Actions Operational Actions App Goal Exteral focus - Complexity $ Internal Focus + Complexity $$$
  10. 10. Key Considerations: Know your user Know the platform, know your user… This is an Own Android user iPhone User perspective… perspective
  11. 11. Key Considerations: Know your user Know the platform, know your user… This is an Own iPhone’s Blackberry’s Android user Perspective Perspective Perspective
  12. 12. Key Considerations: Know your user Know the platform, know your user… AGE GENDER Free vs Paid Android Android Android Advertisement 17- 34 = 54% Men = 73% Free App = 2/3 Model 35 - 44 = 21% Women = 27% Paid App = 1/3 + 44 = 25% iPhone iPhone iPhone 17 - 34 = 46% Men = 57% Download Women = 43% Free App = 1/3 Model 35 - 44 = 21% Paid App = 2/3 +44 = 33 %
  13. 13. Key Consideration Mobile app Development1. Know yourself and your competitors2. Which type of app do you want to build?3. Benefits vs Features - MPV4. Know your platform, Know your users…5. Be agile my friend6. Native vs Web App7. Usability - Designer vs Developer8. Prototype, don’t waste your budget.9. Testing! Functional and NFR.10. My app is ready! Now time to AppMarketing
  14. 14. Llacuna, 162 - 164 08018 Barcelona Contact info Barcelona Emilio Avilés CEO & Co-founder @techmiThanks Q&A @slashmobility