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Popescu sel presentation 09/2012


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Slides made by Gabriel Popescu

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Popescu sel presentation 09/2012

  2. 2. Our school is situated in Doicesti, 10 km from Targoviste, in Dambovita County.
  3. 3. Doicesti village is historically attested since the beginning of the 16 th centuryand has had an important contribution to the socio-cultural and economic life inthe area over time.
  4. 4. School Number 1 Doicesti, is a primary and secondary school, teachingstudents from the grade 1 to grade 8. The primary school, grade 1 to 4, runs during the morning from 8o’clock to noon. The secondary school, grade 5 to 8, runs during the afternoon from noonto 6pm.
  5. 5. The number of students in the primary school is 76, and the number ofstudents in the secondary school is 59.
  6. 6. All together they are 135 students ( 60 girls and 75 boys). The number of teachers is 16. They are very well trained andenthusiastic, 13 of them having a university degree.
  7. 7. The teaching schedule and process are traditional and typical to allRomanian schools. The school is well run by the management team, so it is a good place towork and study.
  8. 8. The ethnic structure of our school is 100% Romanian students. Many of the students have at least one parent working in another EUcountry. Another category of students are helped by the state welfare programsso they can attend and develop within the educational framework
  9. 9. Our students are very willing to learn. Their focus is on foreignlanguages and computers science. Our students are involved in many extracurrilar activities like sports,arts, and culture at the local, regional and national level.
  10. 10. We are waiting for you in Romania!