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Exciting developments to Apotheosis.

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  • Week8 spring2012dramanahs

    1. 1. Drama: Mon. Feb. 27, 2012• Team Worksheets Due• Did ANYONE bring in stuff for Apotheosis?• Exciting Developments• Sound Design = Let’s hear’em• Lighting Design: Get together with Sound today. Figure out what you have to do together.• Finish Blocking Act III Scene iii• Start Cleaning up of scenes
    2. 2. Exciting Developments: Creative problem solving/budgetary concerns• Rear projection of scenery onto white bed sheets (NEED: white bed sheets) – Digital Photography Class will take still images we use as backgrounds & animate leaves falling, pollen blowing, etc. (Flower?) – DPC will also create burning effects off screen & other special effects (flashes)
    3. 3. Exciting Developments Cont’d• Action/Fight scene added (in silhouette) – During Von’s journey to fulfill his crucible much of the action will take place behind the white sheet. – This way we can include fantastical creatures & locales without it looking cheesy. • This will include carefully planned & rehearsed fight sequences (this should include Devon’s back to standing acrobatic) – During Whammy section in “Simple Boy” Von will fight various mythological creatures (Including The Anathema). He will slow down at various spots ala 300-style.
    4. 4. Exciting Developments: Modernconventions of the television medium incorporated• A “Previously in Solipsis…” back-story explanation montage will explain the basic information an audience member will need to understand characters & motivations in Apotheosis – Current actors (along with Lodi) will recreate scenes of Solipsis to be included in the “previously on” montage. – This will involve experience in working with cameras (or the class which uses these) & cue cards so that memorization is not key – …and now…or is it then…or actually whenever… APOTHEOSIS
    5. 5. Exciting Developments: Technology in the Arts• Apotheosis: Facebook Group – Mass, instantaneous communication among groups & memebers – Songs & sound effects can be shared – Sketches, pics of ideas for costuming, prop ideas found on the net can all be shared. – Students who might be “sick” can easily still interact with the class in real time.
    6. 6. Exciting Developments: Live Music• NAHStars members + my former band’s drummer + me will perform a live song at various points throughout the play.• The lyrics speak to a major message Dante wishes to get across to Von• The Song? “Simple Boy” by Karnivool
    7. 7. Im high above the world Youre free to go Why should I feel pain (Well face these things Or feel alone some other day) To be protected like a simple boy youre free to go If I choose to let you down (I wont leave you youre not ok) Begin to know youre free to go (Well face these things Youre free to go some other day) youre free to go youre free to go (I wont leave you youre not ok) I will fight until theres nothing left Simple boy, stay here Cross the world together Simple boy, dont wander from this sinking ship Simple boy, youre safe here Or drown alone Simple boy, simple boy Off the coast Facing nothingness So when did we lose the plot Drawn to feel the emptiness Were running against the clock Oh help me now dont hesitate Describe the scene Or you will never know
    8. 8. Simple boy, youre free to go dont wander, youre free to go Simple boy, youre free to go youre safe here, youre free to go youre free to go youre free to go My simple boy, my simple boy My simple boy, my simple boy