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Keynote Speech: The Hungry and The Hunted - How to create a brandable customer experience


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The Hungry and the Hunted. How to create a brandable customer experience and the ultimate competitive edge.

A brand is the creation of faith in two groups that absolutely cannot be fooled: your employee culture and your customer culture. The reason branding strategies don’t work is they don’t look where these cultures look to decide whether to grant the leap of faith required to become branded. Branding is a tribute, not a verb. Your company can’t just claim or demand to be branded; it has to be given to you.

There is nothing you sell that a customer can’t choose to buy somewhere else or do without—except an intimate, values-based relationship between customer and company. That relationship can’t easily be deconstructed by your competition and competitors can’t use price, size, marketing or sales to bust it apart. To be a successful brand you must be branded not only for what you sell but for how you sell it.

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