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Using Technology, Improving Communities - SEATTI


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Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative (SEATTI, Presentation at the @america with the topic, Using Technology, Improving Communities.

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Using Technology, Improving Communities - SEATTI

  1. 1. Using Technology, Improving Communities Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative (SEATTI) Shita Laksmi, Program Manager
  2. 2. SEATTI Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative, Working in Indonesia and the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
  3. 3. purpose building supportive ecosystem that supports all involving stakeholders to work together to achieve public sector’s transparency and accountability user friendly technology, good quality of demand and citizens engagement and government responses
  4. 4. partners and issues currently has 16 partners working in the area of election monitoring, social accountability, public service delivery, open data and fiscal transparency.
  5. 5. “Sophisticated” technology to make changes? Hard to find in Indonesia. Complexity of technology intervention in the transparency (towards) accountability
  6. 6. stream of activities • Grants • Brokering • Linking and learning • Mentoring and Collaboration!
  7. 7. Two examples • Technology and Open Data • Technology and Citizens Engagement
  8. 8. Open Data Demand and Demand and Use Use Fiscal Transparency Fiscal Transparency Extractive Industry Extractive Industry Facilitating, Brokering Facilitating, Brokering Hackathon Jakarta Hackathon Jakarta #HackJak #HackJak Taking part of the Taking part of the Open Data Community Open Data Community Capacity Building Capacity Building A Series of A Series of Capacity Building for Jakarta’s government Capacity Building for Jakarta’s government
  9. 9. Open Data The First Jakarta Open Data Challenge --200 tickets sold, 132 developers attended, 56 prototype applications submitted
  10. 10. • Video
  11. 11. #hackjak Apps Prototype
  12. 12. Citizens Engagement • Example: Election Monitoring
  13. 13. anato my p a r t i c i p a t i o n s o c i a l m e d i a e n g a g e m e n t d e m o g r a p h i c transparen cy m e d i a i n v o l v e m e n t
  14. 14. flow
  15. 15. Reflection Points for technology and transparency •Enabling environment is a must! •Identifying components in the ecosystem and collaborate. •Never a linear route, long term process
  16. 16. Thank you @tech4asia, @slaksmi