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Gandhi essay-rubric-2013-2014


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Gandhi essay-rubric-2013-2014

  1. 1. Rater’s  Name:_____________________________________________________________        Essay  #:__________________   Rubric  for  Gandhi  Essay  Contest     Conventions  &  Style   Development  &  Organization     Criteria   (a)  Explains  what   Gandhi  meant  by   the  quote  &  what  it   means  to  you.     Addresses  the  Content  Requirements  of  the  Prompt     4=Exemplary   Provides  an     in-­‐depth,   thoughtful,  &   thorough   explanation  and  a   meaningful   personal  opinion.     (b)  Discuss  how   Discusses  ideas   you  think  Gandhi’s   that  are  original,   definition  of   creative,  &   happiness  can   significant.     promote  peace  &     nonviolence  in  our   Connects  Gandhi’s   schools,  families,  &   definition  to  peace   communities  today.   &  nonviolence.     (c)  Describe   Presents  several   examples  of  when   descriptive,   you  lived  out   relevant,  well   Gandhi  quote  in   connected   your  life  or  when   examples  with   your  thoughts,   vivid  details.   beliefs,  words  &   actions  in  honest   agreement.       Degree  to  which   Writes  a  well   ideas  are  arranged   organized  essay   in  a  clear  order  and   with  engaging   overall  structure  is   introduction,   consistent  with   logically  developed   assignment.   paragraphs,  clear     transitions,  &   •  Overall  plan   coherent  summary.   •  Intro/body/conc.     •  Sequence  of  ideas   Shows  depth  with   •  Ideas  in   rich  support  from   paragraph   various  sources.   •  Transitions       Degree  to  which   Contains  very  few,   writer  uses   if  any,  errors.   language  to  engage;   Demonstrates  a   controls  sentence   clear  awareness  of   formation,  usage,   style.     mechanics.       Metaphors,   •  Word  choice   analogies,  or  other   •  Sentence  variety   devices  are   •  Audience   effective  &   compelling.   3=Proficient   2=Developing   Provides  a  clear  &   logical  explanation   with  a  personal   meaning.       Provides  a  partial   explanation  &/or   offers  a  weak   personal  meaning.       Discusses  thoughts   that  are  focused  &   important.     Connects  definition   of  happiness  to   peace  &   nonviolence.   Discusses  thoughts   that  are  not  fully   developed.       Fails  to  connect  the   definition  to  peace   &  nonviolence.   Fails  to  make   connections   between  the   definition  to  peace   &  nonviolence.   Presents   descriptive,   relevant  examples   with  details.   Presents  an   example  that  is   only  somewhat   relevant  or  lacking   in  detail.   Fails  to  include  an   example  or   presents  an   irrelevant  example.     Writes  organized   essay  with  solid   intro,  developed   paragraphs,   transitions  &   summary.     Shows  depth  with   several  resources   to  broaden  the   scope  of  the  paper.   Writes  essay  that   lacks  clear   introduction  or   summery,  &   underdeveloped   ideas  in   paragraphs,     Shows  some  depth   but  lacks  support   from  other   resources.     Lacks  introduction   or  summary,  with   poorly  organized   paragraphs.       Contains  a  few   errors,  none  of   which  interfere   with  meaning.       Demonstrates  a   growing  facility   with  language.  May   use  metaphors,   analogies,  or  other   devices.   Contain  some   errors,  but  few   interfere  with   understanding.       Demonstrates  a   developing  sense   of  style  with  word   choice  &  sentence   variety.   Contain  substantial   errors  that   interfere  with   understanding  the   writer’s  meaning.     Writes  with   uninteresting  word   choice  &  lack  of   sentence  variety.     TOTAL  SCORE  ____________________     1=Needs   Improvement   Struggles  to   explain  the   meaning  of  the   quote  with  little  or   no  mention  of   personal  meaning.