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Avi voc 1


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the man who was poe vocabulary 1

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Avi voc 1

  1. 1. decrepit Broken down or worn out by old age or long use adjective
  2. 2. charitable Kind and generous in giving help to those in need adjective
  3. 3. contempt The condition of being despised; hatred noun
  4. 4. theme The central message of a piece of writing noun
  5. 5. situated Placed, located adjective
  6. 6. beastly Chiefly British Informal. Very; exceedingly/Of or like a beast or animal Adverb/Adjective
  7. 7. puzzlement Bewilderment; a question or problem noun
  8. 8. gratitude A feeling of appreciation; thankfulness noun
  9. 9. hastily To do in a hurry or with little thought adverb
  10. 10. crucial Of supreme importance; critical adjective