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  • Learning can truly be fun ISL! The main idea of virtual worlds is to explore and learn together and share the results. Shared experiences create also a strong sense of shared expertise. First classes popular were in languages, history, art or music. Role playing is still easy and popular ISL:.\n
  • After first steps ( off the side walk also now and then) The teachers wanted to create new environments for learning. The understanding that class room didn’t need any walls to be effective and suitable space for learning was eyes opening. That the environment could be created in collaboration with students - - - it was fascinating and showed out visible with most imagenative creations of learning facilities. Virtual world has to be accessible with ”hands on”, building a house is fun too. \n
  • I’m a huge fan of science fiction and I wanted to take my students to space! \n
  • This space craft offered different spaces for different functions: you can enter one of the largest on line high schools in Europe from the bridge or you can follow workshops online via webconference ISL or participater ISL lessons from websites. Simultaneous connections make a two way street! Individual learning environments: social media and virtual world with augmented reality foster creativity and truly personalize the learning path!\n
  • Students started running their own businesses ISL - for real. In Finland the first one on market was ofcourse about snow and winter! As Second Life provides a buffer effect to encourage language learners to use their new skills as well as it offers new ways to train for example business. Would you like to try down hill skiing? Skating? Enter a snow castle?\n
  • SL has now certain position among learning environments. For the fact that it is not open source and it is owned by one company - people are eager to find alternatives. First steps has been taken. Trending topic could be gaming as we look the projects in Finland at the moment. This project Sandbox shows out how to build a house. Anyone can play it. It is free to use for every institution.\n
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  • Are teachers alone to meet these challenges? What can we learn from the experiences before? Is the new world really that new? It seems that in pedagogical point we forgot that even as the platform is changing - we can still benefit the experiences from different and earlier versions of platforms. Technology evolves - but learning - does it really change?\n
  • To explore - it is easy! To work in virtual environments - it takes time. But after a while I promise - you are never alone: you are there - next to me! To support this and share knowledge we have this national development project for learning environments called ”Match the batteries” Read more! Ask! I’m all yours!\n
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  • Saudi esitys 120612

    1. 1. The FutureofVocational Education New Learning Environments 12.6.2012
    2. 2. How many sights of Oulu did you discover?
    3. 3. Development of Intelligent Community• Mixed Reality• UBI-hotspot• Amazing NFC Near Field Communications• NFC Smart Daycare for all the citizens• NFC in Elderly Care
    4. 4. Added Value to Daily Life
    5. 5. Environment Design and City Architecture
    6. 6. The Changeis seen every day
    7. 7. Learners of Different Ages? Can I choose? Photo: Mervi Jansson
    8. 8. Co-ordination of Finnish Learning Environment Projects for the National Board of Education in Finland • Government funded projects for the development of vocational education and training • Enriched learning environments, gaming, virtual worlds, individual learning paths within open social networks and applicationsHow to achieve the best learning outcomes?
    9. 9. Diversity of Learners -Variety of Learning Environments WEB 2.0.
    10. 10. Vocational Education and Training Projects Trending Topics: mLearning & Augmented Reality
    11. 11. Apps in Education - Customization? science-ipad-apps.html
    12. 12. Augmented Reality Shared information and exact instructions The most valuable pearls of wisdom are most likely found in each other´s experiences
    13. 13. Learning can be fun! Shared Experiences = Shared Expertise
    14. 14. Learning- in different spaces
    15. 15. Or in Space? OAMK 2010
    16. 16. Technology supports engaging learning without limits:Individual learning environments foster creativity andsharing - problem solving in collaboration
    17. 17. EduPreneurs
    18. 18. Building a House By gaming?
    19. 19. Mobile Devices inEducation and Machinery • Connectivism & Connective Knowledge • mLearning + eLearning = Engaging Learning • Just in case - / Just in time TRAINING • Show your competency!
    20. 20. Simulation EducationPrograms for Healtcare Professionals ...ja tätä
    21. 21. Professionals for the Future - TODAY
    22. 22. Opettaja!Individual Learning Paths Te!
    23. 23. ”Alone with your new ideas?”
    24. 24. You are there - next to peer developers go on-line
    25. 25. 25Sanna BrauerGSM +35850-4084686sanna.brauer@oamk.fiSkype: sanna.brauerOulu University of Applied SciencesSchool of Vocational Teacher EducationSepänkatu 20, II krs90100  OULU - FINLAND On line: ISL Sanna Svoboda Sanna Brauer
    26. 26. 26Upload Presentation from SlideshareSanna Brauer