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Creating New Cultures


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Slidecast - JAMK UAS

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Creating New Cultures

  1. 1. Creating New Cultures with Social Media Sanna Brauer 2009 JAMK UAS Photo: "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid"
  2. 2. ID • What is your identity in the Web? • How do you tell your story? To whom? • Presence? Are you very approachable? XeeSM helps you be more approachable, helps you manage your social relationships and all your social sites.
  3. 3. Personalisation • Differentiation is must in our ever more demanding society. “Technically Social Media is a variety of tools - strategically it is a state of mind”, Axel Schultze
  4. 4. WEB 2.0 DNA Multicultural identity? EVERYONE is not you, and you are not EVERYONE
  5. 5. Inter Cultures? • Ethnic origin • Multikulti • Ethnocentrism • Multinational state • Cosmopolitanism • Nation-building • Cultural competence • Nationalism • Cross-culturalism • Plural society • Cultural mosaic • Political correctness • Cultural pluralism • Racial integration • Global justice • Racialism • Interculturalism • Multi-Ethnic • Intercultural competence • Transculturation • Miscegenation • Multiculturalism without Culture
  6. 6. What is Culture? High Culture... Ray of Life?
  7. 7.
  8. 8. XIHA Life - world's friendliest web community
  9. 9. Culture is Communication Personality Characteristics Language What are your interests? People Who are you networking with? 303874154/in/set-72157594369349147/
  10. 10. Finnish people wait for their turn at traffic lights What is your legal address? Where do you come from? IRL Visuals: Hobbies, Manners,Looks, Appearance...
  11. 11. Standard Identification Numbers People can speak English but they prefer their native language(s) Be free to use as many languages as you wish
  12. 12. It is me in we It is me in we It is me in we It is me in we It is me in we It is me in we It is me in • WHAT DO WE NEED LABELS FOR?
  13. 13. Identification - Personalisation Identification as Individuals Peer to Peer Different Media = Different Role
  14. 14. Diversity
  15. 15. Variety
  16. 16. We can choose!
  17. 17. What is Intercultural Communication? Why should we learn about intercultural communication? Who should learn it?
  18. 18. Usually people are just learning from each other Interact and Create Dialogue // Use Cultural Boundaries as a Point of Interchange
  19. 19. Time and Place ...for the Stories
  20. 20. Sanna Brauer skype:sanna.brauer