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Promotional Material; Part Of Digi Packs


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Published in: Business
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Promotional Material; Part Of Digi Packs

  1. 1. Promotional material are part of digi packs because they help enhance an artists sales through a different process and more advanced way.
  2. 2. Green Day mainly having clothing as their main promotional material. This is because they are a rock band and the stereotypical people that like them would normally dress in black so they would attract their target audience. Also the clothing consists of the similar fonts as their name and also one of their t shirts contains the cover to one of their albums, so it can be easily recognised. The colours are also similar, red with white, green, yellow; because they all contrast with the black. These are good use of promotional ideas because you can tell exactly who the band is because there is a trend through out the albums and promotional material. This is a great use of synergy because they are distributing their products in various ways to get themselves successful.
  3. 3. Paramore is also a rock band but take a different approach to their promotional material because they aim it more at females because the main singer is female. We can see they focus their items at females because of the bright colours used. Paramore are very random and this is shown through Hayley’s hair and also because of the colours used and the way things are layed out. “RIOT!” is used as part of their promotional material because they tend to want to cause a riot because sometimes they do shout in their songs. Paramore uses the colour black quite often and this is because they are a rock band and because they use opposite colours it makes them stand out. Paramore also use synergy well because they distribute their products across a range of sectors because they have more various, random products e.g. badges are not the best type of promotional material but their target audience are stereotyped to be these random sort of people.
  4. 4. Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop so it is inevitable that he would have many promotional items. All of these connect because as you can see they are all darkly coloured which shows that he is mysterious and from his history we know this. Michael Jackson, in my opinion, uses synergy the best because his music career was very successful so what ever he did must of worked. The mugs contain a picture that is the same as the cover on the Invincible album and the key rings have the same cover as Bad, these both help with the sales of the albums because it gets him more well known in a variety of different ways.