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Elucidation of gravity


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"Elucidation of gravity" By Krish Murali Eswar

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Elucidation of gravity

  1. 1. Elucidation of Gravity Krish Murali Eswar +919900240211
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Space 2. Vethon 3. Yogon 4. Magnetism 5. Gravitational Repulsion 6. Mass 7. Atoms
  3. 3. 1. Space • Space is almighty • Primordial state of the universe • Eternal space is the main principle of the universe
  4. 4. Four characteristics 1. Plenum 2. Force 3. Consciousness 4. Time
  5. 5. Eternal Space • It is static and insensible • Missed in research and search of the human mind • Eternal space remains a puzzle
  6. 6. Swamiji realised the mystery through intuition
  7. 7. Psychic practice is necessary to develop intuition
  8. 8. Importance of Space is missing in science and philosophy
  9. 9. Life & Progress of Human society are in Darkness
  10. 10. There is a way to Realize Universal Being
  11. 11. A holistic approach of science and philosophy is necessary
  12. 12. Science is searching for truth from the outside
  13. 13. Philosophy is going to deeper part of nature
  14. 14. Each is missing the other side
  15. 15. In our childhood, our parents would have told us stories about gods.
  16. 16. We must lose all believes in such personified Gods now before we learn Brahma Gnanam
  17. 17. Our Swamiji’s Kundalini meditation will guide us to understand the eternal space
  18. 18. Swamiji meditated on Kundalini force
  19. 19. Went to subtle levels of the mind
  20. 20. He went away from emotions into peaceful state
  21. 21. Sharpness and perspicuity improved
  22. 22. One day, suddenly, he saw the universe with millions of stars and blue-black sky
  23. 23. He dedicated his life for his inner vision
  24. 24. He called it the Journey of Consciousness
  25. 25. Holistic vision of earth and cosmos as one unit as the physical body of the Almighty
  26. 26. Let us now travel into the mind of Swamiji
  27. 27. Imagine the universe • Panoramic vision of the universe • Innumerable planets and stars • A common formula, “Association of Energy Particles is Mass” • All planets and stars are nothing other than association of infinitesimal energy particles • Energy particles and space make the whole universe
  28. 28. Which of these two started first? Energy particles or space?
  29. 29. The Particle would have started from Space
  30. 30. Energy Particles • Energy particle and its qualities are inherent in the space • All appearances are energy particles compressed in a concise manner • All inanimate and animate beings are constituted only by infinitesimal energy particle • Space is the origin of energy particles
  31. 31. Space is therefore Omnipotent and all-pervasive
  32. 32. Qualities of Eternal Space
  33. 33. Everlasting
  34. 34. Singular
  35. 35. Almighty
  36. 36. All-penetrative
  37. 37. Super-Transparent
  38. 38. Invisible
  39. 39. Fluid Dark Matter
  40. 40. With Inherent potential of Ever Increasing
  41. 41. Self-compressive
  42. 42. Surrounding Pressure-Force
  43. 43. It Intensifies, resulting in automatic repulsion which forms the infinitesimal primary energy particle
  44. 44. This is Unified Force
  45. 45. Gravity
  46. 46. God
  47. 47. How do we know? • We cannot perceive it • Our perception is limited to a range of minimum and maximum • Eternal space is unimaginably vast • It’s contents are infinitesimal • It is imperceptible • With our Sixth sense, it is possible to realize the eternal space
  48. 48. 2. Vethon
  49. 49. Vethons • Primary Infinitesimal energy particles (vethon) evolved from space • Entire Universe is one Singular Unit in a Holistic Sense • Infinitesimal energy particle is the important medium between Eternal Space and Physical Universe
  50. 50. Basic Potentials • Basic potentials of Plenum, Force, Consciousness and Time are also in the energy particle • But without the least reduction or alteration • It is like water and wave • Eternal space and primary energy particle are one and the same • Like a huge tree and its seed
  51. 51. ‘Knot’ • All the power and divinity of Eternal space are present in a compressed form in the energy particle • All physical forms and masses are constituted by the energy particles • Powerful, ever-increasing self compressive force of eternal space, it locally intensifies and overlaps itself • Such a ‘Knot’ of eternal space starts spinning due to mighty surrounding pressure
  52. 52. Evolution • It begins to function as a separate segment, a dynamic action of infinitesimal volume • This is the evolution of the primary energy particle, Vethon • Eternal space is incalculable in volume • Vethons are innumerable in number • Eternal space applies pressure around the Vethons • Vethons come together to function • This is the origin of universe, a nebulous field
  53. 53. Power of Vethons • Eternal space is static • Vethons form the dynamic universe within the static space • Static pressure force powers the Vethon’s rotation and existence. • Source of all forces in the universe is Eternal space
  54. 54. Single Field • Vethons, maintain a distance, due to self-rotative force • They are compressed together by the surrounding pressure force • They form a single field • No particle can leave the field • They cannot come together and fuse either due to repulsive force of their rotation
  55. 55. 3. Yogon
  56. 56. Yogons • Vethons spin at a high speed surrounded by Eternal space • Due to friction, countless waves emerge • They form global shapes due to surrounding pressure force • These shadow wave particles are called Yogons • They merge into space and become magnetism
  57. 57. Friction • Vethons are Primary energy particles emerging from Eternal space • Space is unmanifested force • Energy particle is manifested dynamic force • There is friction between the spinning particle and the surrounding pressure force • Resulting in the emergence of innumerable minute waves
  58. 58. Vethons and Yogons • The waves are forced into global form by the surrounding pressure force • The global forms are the secondary energy particles, Yogons • Vethons are much stronger and subsist longer than Yogons • Because, Vethons are formed from Eternal space • Yogons are weaker and subsist shorter than Vethons • Because, Yogons are formed from Vethons
  59. 59. Life of Yogons • Yogons slowly get diluted into the space • Magnetism evolves
  60. 60. 4. Magnetism
  61. 61. Magnetism • Yogons first transforms into magnetism, the basic pressure, in it’s first level • Further transforms into sound, light, taste, & smell in inanimate objects • Into mind in animate beings
  62. 62. Elements have been divided into six levels 1 Field of energy particles, Akash 2 Air 3 Heavy air or Fire 4 Liquid 5 Solid 6 Living Beings
  63. 63. Magnificent Net • Vethons form the six elements • Yogons intensify in these masses • A seed magnifies into a tree due to intensified magnetism • Universal being, likewise, evolves and grows into the whole universe • Branches, leaves, flower, fruits are part of the tree • Likewise, all objects and living beings are part of the universe
  64. 64. 5. Gravitational Replusion
  65. 65. Gravitational repulsion • Eternal Space is Gravity • Gravity is the primordial state of universe with • Plenum • Force • Consciousness • Time
  66. 66. Gravity • It propels itself as a dynamic force • It emerges as infinitesimal energy particles • At this instance, the primordial silent state becomes a dual state, • Gravity • Gravitational repulsion
  67. 67. All powerful force • Gravity is all powerful force for everything to function within • It supplies everything from its infinite stock of plenum, force, consciousness and time
  68. 68. Mistaken concept • Gravity is said to be attractive force wrongly • Gravity is plenum • No vacant place in it to attract anything • Nothing is the universe heavier or mightier than gravity
  69. 69. Repulsive force • Gravity is never affected • The entire universe is comprised of dynamically evolved energy particles • The whole universe and its functions are only repulsive force
  70. 70. Two aspects of magnetism • Gravity, the static, silent, self-compressive, surrounding, pressure force • Gravitational repulsion, magnetic wave generated by the spinning action of the energy particle • Gravitation exists within and surrounding the mass as force
  71. 71. Gravity the almighty • Nothing can enter gravity • Gravity exists fully throughout the universe • With its all-pervasive force everything is compelled to move
  72. 72. Magnetic repulsion • You throw a stone up • It goes up due to repulsive force of your action • When it is exhausted the stone returns to earth • It is not due to earth’s attraction • The earth stops the stone on the earth. It is also repulsion
  73. 73. Gravitational repulsion • All the existences, functions and results within the functioning part of the universe are only gravitational repulsion and its fluctuations • There is no attractive force in the universe.
  74. 74. 6. Mass
  75. 75. What are masses? • We see countless stars • We see innumerable inorganic masses and organic living beings on earth • All are comprised of vethons • Each vethon is spinning at an incredible speed • They associate and form masses
  76. 76. Disintegration & integration • Masses disintegrate to form particles again over time • They come close again to form masses • Integration & disintegration is the main phenomenon in the universal evolution, existence and functions
  77. 77. Magnetism in masses • As the vethons spin, due to friction with Gravity, waves emerge • They compress and become Yogons • Yogons weaken and become magnetism • Pressure wave envelops vethons • Not allowing vethons to come closer and merge • Masses form volume in this way
  78. 78. Intensity • Intensity of repulsion = spinning speed of vethons • Initially, vethons spin at a great speed • It produces maximum number of Yogons • Gradually vethons spinning speed is reduced due to gravity • Yogons production decreases
  79. 79. Intensity integrates • Gravity applies surrounding pressure force on vethons • Vethons slow down • Vethons come closer and integrate • Yogons intensity reduced • Masses are formed
  80. 80. Intensity Disintegrates masses • If Vethons are induced in any way by external forces, it’s speed increases • Yogons production increases • Distance between Vethons increases • Disintegration of masses is the result
  81. 81. 7. Atoms
  82. 82. Formation of atoms • Gravity supplies spinning force to Vethons • Due to friction, Yogons are formed • As Yogons are formed, Gravity applies surrounding pressure force, Vethons reduce speed • They come together in masses • Faster ones become Electrons • Slower ones become Protons • Slowest ones finally become Neutrons
  83. 83. Black Hole • Slow moving neutrons form the center • In the center of planets and stars, they stop their spinning after long ages • They become absolute space, black hole • Become one with primordial state • This is atomic fission
  84. 84. They become Brahmam
  85. 85. Everything is born from Brahmam
  86. 86. Everything merges with Brahmam
  87. 87. Aham Brahmasmi
  88. 88. Be Blessed! For a copy of the Presentation join our WhatsApp group Krish Murali Eswar +919900240211