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  1. 1. Floor Plans
  2. 2. Welcome to Cube 8. This exceptional developmentcomprises 177 units of sumptuous apartmentsand sky villas and an array of inspiring amenitiessuch as the 6 stunning lifestyle-oriented skyterraces. With unobstructed views of the city andMacRitchie Reservoir Park, Cube 8 residents enjoya multi-faceted, multi-dimensional experience ofenchanting vistas, luxury and exclusivity.
  3. 3. Artist’s impression
  4. 4. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMLegend1-Bedroom 3-Bedroom2-Bedroom 4-Bedroom Sky VillaC2C2C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)C2 (02)B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1C1272625242322212019183231302936353433281413121110090807060504030201171615C2C2C2C2C2C2C2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2A2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)D1 (02)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C3 (06)C4C4C4C4C4C4C4B1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1IDEA LABFITNESS FACTORSKV1 (02) SKV2 (05) SKV3 (06) SKV4 (01)WELLNESSSTUDIOGAMES ARENAA1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1GOURMET’S DOMAINC2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)C2 (05)STATE OFSERENITYLevelUnit No. 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 01Cube 8 - 376 Thomson Road
  5. 5. ACDZAAE BDJ DNOSFPQRUKFGAAAAAALBBBBVTYXWThomson Road Orchard Road /CBD / IRMacRitchie ReservoirLegendA – Guard HouseB – Plaza FountainC – Entrance PlazaD – Infinity Edged Water FeatureE – Children’s PlaygroundF – BBQ DeckG – Outdoor Dining DeckH – Function Lounge – Changing Room & Steam RoomJ – Gym At Level 3K – Party DeckL – Garden DeckM – Family PoolN – Infinity-Edged Swimming PoolO – Jet PoolP – Sun DeckQ – Tennis CourtR – Resting PavilionS – Tree GroveT – Spice GroveU – Side GateV – Outdoor Fitness StationW – Herb GardenX – Scented GardenY – Foliage GardenZ – Indigenous GardenAA – Hedge GardenBB – Board WalkLevel 1CENTRAL PLAZANN0608050403020107BinCentreSwitchgearRoomTransformerRoom
  6. 6. Sky Terrace – Level 14WELLNESS STUDIOABC Legend:A - Studio B - Relaxation Corner C - Yoga Deck040605070801NArtist’s impression
  7. 7. Sky Terrace – Level 16IDEA LABABC Legend:A - Brainstorming Alcove B - Inspiration Loft C - Reading Corner0607080102NArtist’s impression
  8. 8. Sky Terrace – Level 24GAMES ARENA Legend:A - Recreation Deck B - Interactive Lounge C - Network Gaming HotspotBCGOURMET’SDOMAIN0105NArtist’s impression
  9. 9. Sky Terrace – Level 24GOURMET’S DOMAINBCCABDNGAMESARENA0105Artist’s impression
  10. 10. Sky Terrace – Level 33FITNESS FACTOR Legend:A - Sky Gym B - Sports Lounge C - Sky Pool D - Pool Deck E - Changing RoomE DC ABSTATEOFSERENITY06 02NArtist’s impression
  11. 11. Sky Terrace – Level 33STATE OF SERENITY Legend:A - Spa Alcove B - Spa Pool C - Outdoor Shower D - Changing Room E - Steam RoomCD EAABFITNESSFACTOR0602NArtist’s impression
  12. 12. 0608050403020107TYPE A252 sq m (560 sq ft)#05-06 to #23-06MasterBathMasterBedroomBalconyDiningSTOSRLivinga/cledge1-BEDROOM APARTMENTMasterBathMasterBedroomBalconyKitchenDiningLivinga/cledgeSTOSRTYPE A152 sq m (560 sq ft)#05-03 to #13-03#05-04 to #15-04 (Mirror Image)N06080504030107NLedgeabove#13-03*&#15-04**Balconyispartiallycovered
  13. 13. TYPE B286 sq m (926 sq ft)#05-07 to #23-07MasterBedroomBedroom2Bath2BalconyKitchenYardDiningLivinga/cledgeSRSTObw bwbwTYPE B183 sq m (893 sq ft)#05-02 to #13-02#05-05 to #15-05 (Mirror Image)2-BEDROOM APARTMENTMasterBathMasterBedroomBedroom2BalconyLivingbwbwbw bwKitchenYardDininga/cledgeSR08050403020107N0608050403020107NSTOLedgeabove#23-07**BalconyispartiallycoveredLedgeabove#13-02*&#15-05**Balconyispartiallycovered
  14. 14. TYPE B384 sq m (904 sq ft)#05-08 to #23-08N3-BEDROOM APARTMENTTYPE C1124 sq m (1,335 sq ft)#05-01 to #32-01MasterBathMasterBedroomBath2BalconyPLKitchenWCSRSTOYardUtilityDiningLivinga/cledgea/cledgebwbwbwbwa/cledgeMasterBathMasterBedroomBedroom2Bath2BalconyKitchenYardDiningLivingbwbwSTOSR2-BEDROOM APARTMENT06050403020107060805020107NApplicableto:#26-01to#32-01Notapplicableto:#26-01to#32-01Ledgeabove#23-08**Balconyispartiallycovered
  15. 15. bwbwbwbwbwbwMasterBathBath2Walk-inClosetbwSTOUtilityWCYardKitchenLivingBalconyDiningBedroom3Bedroom2MasterBedrooma/cledgeSRLedgeabove#34-06**Balconyispartiallycovered3-BEDROOM APARTMENTTYPE C2137 sq m (1,475 sq ft)#16-02 to #23-02#18-05 to #32-05 (Mirror Image)TYPE C3132 sq m (1,421 sq ft)#26-06 to #34-06bwbw bwbwa/cledgea/cledgeKitchenLivingUtilityWCBath2Walk-inClosetMasterBathBedroom3Bedroom2bwSTObwApplicableto:#24-05to#32-05(MirrorImage)Notapplicableto:#24-05to#32-05(MirrorImage)0608050207N08050201NSRLedgeabove#23-02*&#32-05**Balconyispartiallycovered
  16. 16. a/cledgeDryKitchenWalk-inClosetBedroom3BalconyBedroom2Bath3MasterBathBath2StudyBalconyWetKitchenUtilityPLWCYardDiningLivingbwLedgeabove#34-02**Balconyispartiallycoveredbw bwbw bwbwbwbwLivingMasterBathMasterBedroomBalconyBedroom2Bedroom3Bath2KitchenYardWCSTOSRa/cledgea/cledgeDiningbw bw bwbwbwbwTYPE C4129 sq m (1,389 sq ft)#26-08 to #32-084-BEDROOM APARTMENTTYPE D1177 sq m (1,905 sq ft)#26-02 to #34-023-BEDROOM APARTMENT0608050201N0608050201NSTOLedgeabove#32-08**Balconyispartiallycovered
  17. 17. SKY VILLA
  18. 18. Walk-inClosetOpenRoofTerraceMasterBathJacuzziOpenShowerMasterBedroombw bwbwUpper LevelLower LevelDryKitchenWalk-inClosetBedroom3JuniorMasterBathJuniorMasterBedroomBedroom2Bath2BalconyWetKitchenWCYardUtilityPowderRoomDiningLivinga/cledgea/cledgebwbw bw bw bw bwbwPLSRSTOTYPE SKV 1284 sq m (3,057 sq ft)#35-02SKY VILLA06050201N
  19. 19. OpenRoofTerraceFamilybw bw bwMasterBathJacuzziOpenShowerMasterBedrooma/cledgeUpper LevelDryKitchenPowderRoomBedroom3JuniorMasterBathJuniorMasterBedroomDining LivingBedroom2Bath2WetKitchenSTOSRWCYardUtilitya/cledgeLower Levelbw bwbwbwbwTYPE SKV 2292 sq m (3,143 sq ft)#35-05SKY VILLA060501N
  20. 20. Upper LevelWalk-inClosetOpenRoofTerracea/cledgeMasterBathJacuzziMasterBedroombwbwbwLower LevelDryKitchenWalk-inClosetPowderRoomBedroom3JuniorMasterBathDiningbwSTObwbw bw bwBedroom2Bath2WetKitchenWCYardUtilitySRa/cledgeTYPE SKV 3281 sq m (3,025 sq ft)#35-06SKY VILLA060102N
  21. 21. Upper LevelWalk-inClosetOpenRoofTerraceFamilya/cledgeMasterBathJacuzziOpenShowerPLMasterBedroombwbwbwbwLower LevelWetKitchenDryKitchenWalk-inClosetPowderRoomWCYardUtilitya/cledgeBedroom2JuniorMasterBathJuniorMasterBedroomDiningLivingBath2bw bw bwSTObwSRbw bw bw bw bwbwbwbwbwTYPE SKV 4300 sq m (3,229 sq ft)#35-01SKY VILLAN050201
  22. 22. 10. SANITARYWARES,FITTINGSANDACCESSORIES TypicalUnit a. MasterBathroom TypeA&B-1showercubicleand1overheadshowerset TypeC-1showercubiclewith2overheadshowersets TypeD-1showercubiclewith1overheadshowerset&1longbathwith1hand showerset Forallunittypes - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror b. OtherBathrooms - 1showercubiclewith1handshowerset - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror c. W.C. - 1handshowerset - 1washbasinandtap - 1watercloset - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror d. Planterand/orBalcony - 1watertap e. Yard - 1bibtap(forwashingmachine) Sky Villa a. MasterBathroom - 1showercubiclewith2overheadshowersets - 1longbathwith1handshowerset - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror b. JuniorMasterBathroom - 1showercubiclewith1overheadshowerset - 1longbathwith1handshowerset - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror c. OtherBathrooms - 1showercubicleand1handshowerset - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror d. PowderRoom - 1washbasinwithbasinmixer - 1watercloset - 1towelrailand/ortowelhook - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror e. W.C. - 1handshowerset - 1washbasinandtap - 1watercloset - 1toiletpaperholder - 1mirror f. OpenRoofTerrace - 1counterc/wsinkandwatertap - 1watertap - 1outdoorshower g. Planterand/orBalcony - 1watertap h. Yard - 1bibtapforwashingmachine i. DryKitchen - 1waterpointconnectionforfridge 11. ELECTRICALINSTALLATION a . Electricalwiringbelowfalseceilingwithintheunitsshallgenerallybeconcealed wherepossible.ElectricalwiringabovefalseceilingentrancetoDBclosetshallbe inexposedtray,conduitsortrunking. b. ElectricalScheduleSPECIFICATIONS1. FOUNDATION Reinforced concrete raft and/or bored piles and/or driven steel piles. 2. SUPERSTRUCTURE Reinforced concrete and/or steel framed structure.3. WALLS a. External Walls : Concrete and/or masonry wall b. Internal Walls : Masonry and/or lightweight concrete panels and/or in-situ and/or pre-cast RC wall and/or drywall partition system and/ or glass partition4. ROOF a. Flat Roof : Reinforced concrete slab with insulation and waterproofing system. b. Metal Roof : Metal Roof with insulation.5. CEILING Typical Unit a. Corridor leading to : Plasterboard ceiling Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Yard and W.C b. Living, Dining, Bedrooms, : Concrete slab with skim coat and/or box-ups Study, Balcony, Utility to designated area and Planter SkyVilla a. Living, Dining, Family, : Plasterboard ceiling and/or box-ups to designated area Corridor leading to Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Powder Room, Kitchen, Yard and W.C b. Bedrooms, Balcony, : Concrete slab with skim coat and/or box ups Utility and Planter to designated area6. FINISHES Wall a. External (for Typical Unit) - Balcony, Open Terrace : Exterior paint finish and Planter b. Internal (for Typical Unit) - Living, Dining, Bedrooms, : Paint finish on exposed surfaces only Study, Corridor leading to Bedrooms, Utility Room and Yard - Master Bathroom : Stone to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only. - Other Bathrooms & W.C : Tiles to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only - Kitchen : Paint finish and/or tiles to selected areas. Solid surface panel on exposed area behind cooker only (where applicable) c. External (for Sky Villa) - Planter, Balcony and : Exterior paint finish Open Roof terrace d. Internal (for Sky Villa) - Living, Dining, Family, : Paint finish on exposed surfaces only Bedrooms, Corridor leading to Bedrooms, Utility Room and Yard - Master Bathroom, : Stone to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only. Junior Master Bathroom and Powder room - Other Bathrooms & W.C : Tiles to false ceiling height and on exposed surfaces only - Kitchen : Paint finish and/or tiles to selected areas. Solid surface panel on exposed area behind cooker only (where applicable) NOTE: No tile/stone work behind/below kitchen cabinet, long bath & mirror Floor a. Typical Unit - Living, Dining, Kitchen : Stone (for Type A,B & C), Dry kitchen, Corridor leading to Bedrooms and Yard (for Type B only) - Master Bathroom : Stone - Other Bathrooms : Tiles - Bedrooms and Study : Timber - Wet Kitchen, Yard : Tiles (for Type C & D), Utility Room, W.C., Balcony & Open Terrace b. Sky Villa - Living, Dining, : Stone Dry kitchen, Corridor leading to Bedrooms, Master Bathroom, Junior Master Bathroom and Powder room - Family and Staircase : Stone and/or Timber (internal) - Bedrooms : Timber - Other Bathrooms, : Tiles Wet kitchen, Yard, Utility Room, W.C, Balcony & Open Terrace - Open Roof Terrace : Tiles and/or timber NOTE: All floor finishes are to exposed surfaces only7. WINDOWS Aluminium framed windows with glazing and/or curtain wall system. 8. DOORS - Main Entrance : Approved fire-rated door - Balcony, Open Roof : Aluminium sliding and/or swing door with glazing Terrace and Open Terrace - W.C and Utility Room : Aluminium and/or timber bi-fold and/or sliding and/or swing door - Bedrooms, Bathrooms, : Aluminium and/or timber and/or glass sliding and/or swing Study, Wet Kitchen, Yard door and/or louvres door. and Powder room - Open Roof Terrace to : Aluminium and/or metal swing door common area 9. IRONMONGERY Good quality locksets and ironmongery to be provided to all doors. Lighting/Wall Light Point13A Switch Socket Outlet15A Switch Socket Outletfor Washing Machine/DryerTV PointTelephone OutletData OutletBell Chime PointA B C D SKV7 12 18 24 3514 17 24 35 352 2 2 2 22 3 4 5 54 5 6 7 82 3 4 5 51 1 1 1 1TYPEDESCRIPTION
  23. 23. DisclaimerReasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this brochure, and the construction of thescale model and the show suite (collectively “the Collaterals”), but the developer does not warrant theaccuracy of the Collaterals. The statements, information and depictions in the Collaterals may not berelied upon as statements or representations of fact, and they are not intended to form any part of thecontract for the sale of the housing units. In particular, visual representations such as pictures anddrawings are artists’ impressions only, and are not representations of fact. All information contained inthe Collaterals, including plans and specifications, are current at the time of printing, and are subject tosuch changes as are required or approved by the developer or the relevant authorities. The floor areasstated in the brochure are approximate measurements and are subject to final survey. The Sale andPurchase Agreement shall form the entire agreement between the developer and the purchaser andshall in no way be modified by any statements or representations (whether contained in the Collateralsor given by the developer’s agent(s) or otherwise).Project DetailsDeveloper: City Developments Limited (Co. Reg. No. 196300316Z) • Tenure of Land: Estate in Fee Simple(Freehold) • Lot No.: 6928P, 5470P and 10027X MK 17 at Thomson Road • Developer LicenseNo.: C0559 • Building Plan Approval No. & Date: A0781-00010-2007-BP01 (10 Nov 2009), A0781-00010-2007-BP02 (10 Dec 2009) • Expected Date of TOP: 31 December 2014 • Expected Date of LegalCompletion: 31 December 2017Consultants DetailsArchitect: ADDP Architects • Landscape Consultant: COEN Design International Pte Ltd• M&E Engineer: Squire Mech Pte Ltd • C&S Engineer: LSW Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd• Quantity Surveyor: KPK Quantity Surveyor(S) Pte Ltd • Project Interior Designer: ADDP ArchitectsThis brochure is printed on eco-friendly paper.12. TV/TELEPHONE RefertoElectricalSchedule for details. 13. LIGHTNINGPROTECTION Lightningprotectionsystem shall be provided in accordance with SingaporeStandard CP33:1996. 14. PAINTING a. InternalWalls : Emulsion paint b. ExternalWalls : Textured coating paint and/or other approvedexterior paint15. WATERPROOFING Waterproofingshallbeprovided to floor slabs of Bathrooms, Powder Room,W.C, Kitchen,Yard,Planter,Balcony, Open Terrace, Open Roof Terrace, SwimmingPool, ConcreteFlatRoof. 16. DRIVEWAYANDCARPARK a. SurfaceDriveway/Ramp : Stone and/or pavers and/or tarmac and/or concrete b. BasementCarPark/ : Reinforced concrete slab Driveway 17. RECREATIONFACILITIES a. FunctionLounge b. Gym c. ChangingRoomsandSteam Rooms (Male and Female) d. SkyTerraces -14thfloor – WellnessStudio -16thfloor – IdeaLab -24thfloor – Gourmet’s Domain -24thfloor – GamesArena -33thfloor – FitnessFactor -33thfloor – StateofSerenity e. PartyDeck f. OutdoorDiningDeck g. BBQDeck h. GardenDeck i. Children’sPlayground j. FamilyPool k. Infinity-EdgedSwimming Pool l. JetPool m. SunDeck n. TennisCourt o. OutdoorFitnessStation p. ThemedGardensaccessible by boardwalk 18. ADDITIONALITEMS a. KitchenCabinets Kitchencabinetswithsolid surface worktop and stainless steel sink andmixer. b. KitchenAppliances TypicalUnits - Cookerhood,cookerhob, oven and fridge. - WashingMachinecumDryer for Type A only. SkyVillas - Cookerhood,cookerhob, oven, steam oven, dishwasher and fridge. c. BuiltinWardrobes Qualitywardrobesprovided to all Bedrooms. d. AirConditioning Wall-mountedsplitsystem air-conditioning to Living, Dining, Bedrooms,Walk-in- Closet&Study,whereapplicable. Ducted system air-conditioning to Living,Dining, MasterBedroom&Family for Sky Villas only. e. LightDimmingSystem Lightdimmingsystemfor Living, Dining, Family, Master Bedroom andJuniorMaster Bedroom,whereapplicable f. HotWater Hotwatersupplyprovided to all Bathrooms and Kitchens except W.C. g. TownGas TownGassuppliedtoall units (Kitchen for Type B & C, Wet Kitchen forTypeDand SkyVillas)exceptforType A which will be provided with electric hob. h. SecuritySystem -IntercombetweenBasement and first storey Main Entrance, Lift Lobbyand apartmentunitsbased on a system using telephone line -Automaticcarbarrieraccess system -Proximitycardaccesssystem to first storey and Basement Lift Lobbies i. ITFeature -Allapartmentsequipped with wiring and cable ready for internet connection. j. WasteDisposalSystem -Pneumaticwasteconveyance system with separate general waste andrecyclables providedatcommonarea.NOTES 1. Marble,LimestoneandGranite Marble,limestoneandgranite are natural stone materials containing veinswith tonalitydifferences.There will be colour and markings caused by their complex mineralcompositionandincorporated impurities. While such materialscanbepre- selectedbeforeinstallation, this non-conformity in the marble, limestoneorgranite aswellasnon-uniformitybetween pieces cannot be totally avoided. Granitetilesare pre-polishedbeforelaying and care has been taken for their installation.However, granite,beingamuchharder material than marble, cannot be re-polishedafter installation.Hencesomedifferencesmaybefeltatthejoints.Thetonalityandpattern ofmarble,limestoneorgranite selected and installed shall be subject toavailability. 2. Timber Timberstripsarenaturalmaterials containing veins and tonality differences.Thusit isnotpossibletoachievetotal consistency of colour and grain in its selectionand installation.Timberstripsare also subject to thermal expansion and contraction beyondthecontrolofthebuilder and vendor. 3. Tiles Selectedtilesizesandtilesurface flatness cannot be perfect and subjectto acceptablerangedescribed in Singapore Standard SS483:2000. 4. Glass Glassisamanufacturedmaterialthatisnot100%pure.Invisiblenickelsulphide impuritiesmaycausespontaneousglassbreakage,whichmayoccurinallglass byall manufacturers.ThePurchaserisrecommendedtotakeuphomeinsurance coveringglassbreakagetocoverthispossibleevent. 5. Air-ConditioningSystem Toensuregoodworkingconditionoftheair-conditioningsystem,thesystemhastobe maintainedandcleanedbythePurchaseronaregularbasis.Thisincludestheclearing offiltersandcondensatepipes,re-chargingofrefrigerate.ThePurchaserisadvisedto engagehis/herowncontractortoservicetheair-conditioningsystemonaregular basisinordertoensuregoodworkingconditionofthesystem. 6. Mechanical Ventilation System Toensuregoodworkingconditionofthemechanicalventilationsystemfortheexhaust system,thesystemhastobemaintainedbythePurchaseronaregularbasis. 7. FalseCeiling ThespaceprovisionallowsfortheoptimalfunctionandinstallationofM&Eservices. AccesspanelsareallocatedforeaseofmaintenanceaccesstoconcealedM&E equipmentforregularcleaningpurpose.Ceilingworkswouldberequiredifremovalof equipmentisneeded. 8. Wardrobes,KitchenCabinets,FanCoilUnits,ElectricalPoints,fittings, waresandPlasterCeilingBoard Layout/locationofplasterceilingboard,kitchencabinets,wardrobes,electrical pointsandfancoilunits,fittingsandwaresaresubjecttoArchitect’ssolediscretion andfinaldesign. 9. PrefabricatedToilets CertainBathrooms,PowderRoomsandW.Cmaybeofprefabricatedconstruction andallpenetrationsaresealedatmanufacturer’sfactorypriortoinstallationonsite. Anysubsequentpenetrationsarenotrecommended,astheywillcompromisethe waterproofingwarranty. 10. DimmingSwitches TheLiving,Dining,MasterBedroomandFamily(whereapplicable)willbeprovided withdimmingswitcheswhicharesuitableonlyforincandescentandhalogenbulbs uptoamaximumof400watts.ThePurchaserwillhavetomakehis/herown arrangementsformodificationsifothertypesoflightsareselected. 11. Planter Nosoilmaterialorturf/plantsareprovidedtounitplanters.Theapprovedplanter boxesarenottobeconvertedtobalconyunlesspriorwrittenapprovaloftherelevant competentauthorityandthemanagementcorporationarefirsthadandobtained. 12. OpenTerrace,OpenRoofTerraceandBalcony OpenTerrace,OpenRoofTerraceandBalcony,whichareopenorcoveredbytrellises shouldnotbecoveredbyroofs.CoveringoftheOpenTerrace,OpenRoofTerraceand Balconyconstitutesadditionalgrossfloorarea(GFA),whichrequiresthenecessary planningpermissionfromtheAuthorityandconsensusoftheManagement Corporation. 13. CableTelevisionand/orInternetAccess ThePurchaserisliabletopayannualfee,subscriptionfeeandsuchotherfeesto theStarHubCableVisionLtd(SCV)and/orInternetServiceProviders(ISP)oranyother relevantpartyoranyotherrelevantauthorities. TheVendorisnotresponsibletomake arrangementswithanyofthesaidpartiesfortheserviceconnectionfortheir respectivesubscriptionchannelsand/orinternetaccess. 14. Warranties Wherewarrantiesaregivenbythemanufacturersand/orcontractorsand/orsuppliers ofanyoftheequipmentand/orappliancesinstalledbytheVendorattheUnit,the VendorshallassigntothePurchasersuchwarrantiesatthetimewhenpossessionof theUnitisdeliveredtothePurchaser. 15. Materials,Fittings,Equipment,Finishes,InstallationsandAppliances Thebrand,colourandmodelofallmaterials,fittings,equipment,finishes, installationsandappliancessuppliedshallbeprovidedsubjecttoArchitect’s selection,marketavailabilityandthesolediscretionoftheVendor.16. InternetAccess IfthePurchaserrequiresinternetaccess,thePurchaserwillhavetomakedirect arrangementwiththeInternetServiceProviderand/orsuchrelevantentities/ authoritiesforinternetservicestotheUnitandtomakeallnecessarypaymentsto theInternetServiceProviderand/orsuchrelevantentities/authorities.17. WirelessInternetConnection Locationofwirelessinternetconnectionprovisionisdesignatedandshallrelyon thesubscriptionofservicebythemanagementcorporationwiththerelevant serviceprovider.
  24. 24. (65) 6877 181836 Robinson Road #20-01 City House Singapore 068877Website: