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February 2014 mobile analytics report


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The February 2014 Mobile Analytics Report provides insight into mobile data subscribers’ daily usage patterns and the impact this behavior has on operators’ networks. Findings from the report address topics such as mobile advertising and social networking, mobile network usage by content type and time of day, mobile games, mobile health and quantitative examples of measured mobile data experience.

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February 2014 mobile analytics report

  1. 1. Feb 2014 Mobile Analytics Report
  2. 2. The mobile advertising ecosystem is growing rapidly • 50% of smartphone subscribers are now served ads • 66% increase over 2013 when only 3 out of 10 were served ads © 2014 Citrix
  3. 3. Smartphones users are tuning into Internet radio • 20% of smartphone subscribers now listen to internet radio • 100% increase year over year © 2014 Citrix
  4. 4. Mobile subscribers connecting for mobile games * 10% of mobile users play games which utilize mobile network connectivity * The Citrix Mobile Analytics Report did not measure this last year © 2014 Citrix
  5. 5. Mobile software updates are on the rise * • 20% of mobile users are downloading software updates over cellular networks • Driven by iOS7 which doubled the limit of updates over the cellular network to 100 MB and enabled automatic application updates * The Citrix Mobile Analytics Report did not measure this last year © 2014 Citrix
  6. 6. Social networking on mobile devices remains strong 2013 2014 • 4 out of 10 mobile users continue to engage in social networking © 2014 Citrix
  7. 7. Images driving mobile social networking data usage Sharing images generates 63% of social networking mobile data volume; Video generates nearly 32% © 2014 Citrix
  8. 8. Social networking impact differs between regions and operators Effect on smartphone subscriber data volume 11% 10% EMEA Operator A 7% EMEA Operator B 6% US Operator A 4% US Operator B Asia Operator A % of Daily Smartphone Data Volume © 2014 Citrix
  9. 9. Social networking impact differs between regions and operators Effect on smartphone subscriber volume 49% 41% 38% EMEA Operator A 31% EMEA Operator B US Operator A 16% US Operator B Asia Operator A % of Daily Smartphone Subscribers © 2014 Citrix
  10. 10. Android tablets generate 2X the traffic volume of Android smartphones © 2014 Citrix
  11. 11. iOS tablets generate 3X more traffic volume than iOS smartphones © 2014 Citrix
  12. 12. Media player continues to drive mobile data volume And YouTube continues to drive media player data volume Facebook 4% © 2014 Citrix
  13. 13. Time of day affects mobile content & data volume 10.0% News 7.5% Weather Shopping 5.0% Finance 2.5% 0.0% 0500 © 2014 Citrix 0700 0900 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 2100 2300
  14. 14. Time of day affects mobile content & data volume 700.0% Social 525.0% Dating Video 350.0% Adult 175.0% 0.0% 0500 © 2014 Citrix 0700 0900 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 2100 2300
  15. 15. Running applications drive mobile health apps Top 10 mobile health apps by number of subscribers from a network perspective 25% 17% 18% 11% 3% Baby Bump © 2014 Citrix 4% 5% Lose It! Period Diary 5% Pregnancy+ 6% Map My Run 7% Nike+ Weight Watchers RunKeeper My Fitness Pal Runtastic
  16. 16. Mobile games with embedded video impacting network 2014 volume climbing; in 2013 no top mobile games involved video content being sent over the network Top 5 by Data Volume 2013 Top 5 by Data Volume 2014 Words with Friends Temple Run Hay Day Bejeweled Solitaire Solitaire My Talking Tom Angry Birds © 2014 Citrix Despicable Me Top Eleven
  17. 17. Snapshot of video impact on mobile gaming 98% 77% Video © 2014 Citrix Images App/Web
  18. 18. The mobile web user experience is improving © 2014 Citrix
  19. 19. But the mobile video user experience still lags © 2014 Citrix
  20. 20. Accessing high resolution video can still be slow going Half of 720p and higher resolution videos stall 45.7% 36.0% 240p and lower 360p and lower 480p and lower 14.5% 15.1% 10.5% higher than 720p Mobile Video Stalling by Resolution © 2014 Citrix 720p and lower
  21. 21. Bytemobile reduces video stalling by 54% Effect of optimization on video stalling © 2014 Citrix
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