How to construct a content seeding plan that works


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Once you create your content marketing assets, you need to be able to seed them for maximum readership and sharing. The following strategy has worked extremely well for me.

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How to construct a content seeding plan that works

  1. How to Construct a Content Seeding Plan that Works
  2. 1 Publish your content to leading presentation sharing sites. Consider using Slideshare as your central content marketing platform for top of funnel resources, then seed them with links to other resources on your website that require registration to access.
  3. 2 Post a link to the content on relevant LinkedIn Groups. ! This will significantly increase your chances of being designated as “Hot on LinkedIn,” which will land you premium positioning on the Slideshare home page and generate even more traffic to your content.
  4. 3 Obviously, use social networking tools like your company blog and Twitter to expand your reach and generate additional clicks to view your content on Slideshare.
  5. 4 Publish a press release a few days later with one of the press release distribution services and link to your content. ! • Seed the press release with appropriate keywords. ! • Contact appropriate media outlets to gain coverage and inbound links to your content.
  6. 5 7 Online Video Trends to Watch in 2012 Follow up with a newsletter to your database which includes a prominent link to your content on Slideshare.
  7. 6 The surge in traffic generated from LinkedIn, your press release, email newsletter and other content seeding efforts can potentially land you on even more coveted Slideshare real estate.
  8. 7 The volume and variety of inbound links will often lead to high placement on search engine results pages, which will create it’s own virtuous cycle of traffic to your content. ! Just remember to determine the search terms that you want to rank highly for before you even begin writing your content.
  9. 8 Launch a retargeting campaign to generate additional clicks to your content on Slideshare or to a landing page on your website.
  10. • Content designated as "Hot on LinkedIn" by Slideshare 8 times • Generated over 100,000 views • Some more thoughts here on how to build an audience with Slideshare I’ve used this content seeding strategy with great success
  11. About the Presenter Patrick Hurley Senior Director of Product Marketing, Citrix ! LinkedIn profile ! Slideshare profile