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6 reasons not to build your own analytics & reporting solution


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6 reasons you should not build your own online video analytics & reporting solution

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6 reasons not to build your own analytics & reporting solution

  1. 1. Reasons whynot to build your own onlinevideo analytics & reporting
  2. 2. 1 It will take a long time to build
  3. 3. Consider all the steps that it will involve High level system design User interface design Recruiting Testing and team members debugging Coding Business process analysis Beta testing Selection of tools & components Mockups and user reviews Documentation Requirements System revisions definition
  4. 4. Then consider...[ 65% of build it yourself BI projects fail to meet their business objectives in the projected timeframe and budgeted cost Source: The Standish Group ]
  5. 5. Skytide takes just weeks to deploy;fastest time to value
  6. 6. 2 It will be very costly
  7. 7. • Cost of a 5-10 person development team... forever• Cost of ongoing maintenance, support, documentation, training, QA testing....• Management time• Opportunity cost
  8. 8. Skytide’s out-of-the-box solutionsoffer the lowest TCO• Costs are clearly quantified• No scope creep or unforeseen expenses
  9. 9. 3 It will not scale Build it yourself projects typically rely on business intelligence tools that cannot scale to meet CDN and IPTV needs
  10. 10. Skytide’s apps are powered by our patented analytical platform• Process terabytes of log file data per day• Continuously load data and analyze it on the fly so that it’s immediately accessible
  11. 11. This underlying platform enables richmulti-dimensional analysis Dig beneath the surface to: • Isolate QoS issues • Accurately forecast traffic • Identify content consumption patterns
  12. 12. 4 Reporting will not be actionable
  13. 13. The extract-transform-load (ETL) process used with most business intelligence solutions introduces significant delays Data Source 1 Data Source 2 ETL Data Warehouse = Reformat and clean data Load it into database or data warehouse Data Source 3 Extract data fromthe multiple sources
  14. 14. With Skytide, you can accessreports just minutes afterevents are logged
  15. 15. 5 It will be incredibly complex
  16. 16. • Must accommodate myriad business models• Must work with highly complex emerging technologies like Adaptive Bitrate Streaming• Must process lots of different streaming log formats
  17. 17. Skytide has invested tens of millions inR&D to meet the needs of the CDN andIPTV ecosystem
  18. 18. 6 It will not include best practices
  19. 19. Skytide has extensive experiencewith many of the world’s largest CDNs,Telcos and Media Companies
  20. 20. Visit to learn more Read The 4 Keys to Telco CDN Success Read How Telcos and ISPs Can Learn to Love OTT Read Federated CDNs: What You Need to Know