Assignment three mengyao& hongyuan


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Assignment three mengyao& hongyuan

  1. 1. TEA Mengyao Zhao Hongyuan Jiang
  2. 2. Drinkable: Tea is one of the top three drinks inthe world. Chines tea includes Green Tea, BlackTea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and Yellow Tea. Allof them have their typical tastes.Regional: Different countries have their ownteas. The cultivation of tea needs typical re-quirement like weather, soil and the way to cul-tivate tea. Overseas Chinese are hardly to havefresh Chinese teas as when they were in China.Salutary: Tea is a healthy drinking, there is asaying in China that :”Tea is the medicine forthousands of diseases.” Drinking tea is whatChinese treat as a way to keep body healthy.Cultural: There is a long history in China abouttea and tea ceremony. It is a contribution bysouthern China for food culture, it is also a con-tribution to the food culture around the worldby China. Learning about tea history and teaculture is an important part in learning Chineseculture.Spiritual: Tea ceremony itself is a way to dospiritual practice because it needs people to becalmed, relaxed, and enjoyed when doing teaceremony. It is also a good way to make friendswho share the same habits and can communi-cate about their understandings and collections Design Qualitiesof tea.Valuable: Tea collection is part of culturalcollections in China, people who are tea loveralways have different collections of teas. Suchcollections not only have cultural meanings butalso valuable. For some of the rare tea collec-tions, their values are equal to some preciouscollections.
  3. 3. This intuitive cup can change its ap- pearence by reacting with different kinds of teas. The poetry and the traditional Chi- nese painting on the surface will change to match the tea type. Four examples are on the next page, they are yellow tea, green tea, flower tea and black tea respectively. Intuitive Poetry& Painting Cup
  4. 4. This Interactive teapoy is a digital interac- tive table that instruct people to do Chinese tea ceremony. People can learn and practice how to do Chinese tea ceremony with the interactive instruction shown on the teapoy. The teapoy will have animation instruction on the surface under the item which should be operated on. Differ- ent animation stands for different action, people can read the legend on the teapoy and follow the anima- tion, then they will learn the steps to do tea ceremony.InteractiveTeapoy
  5. 5. This Interactive tree can provide recom- mendation accord- ing to the whether, solar term, etc. Peo- pl can store their different kinds of teas on the tree, and when they want to get some, they can get a recommenda- tion. For example, when they rotate the tea tree, the system starts to cal- culate the best tea to drink according to the specific solar term and whether. The recommanda- tion tea will stop in front of the people and the branch will be lighted.Tea Recommendation Tree