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programing laugauge


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programing laugauge

  1. 1. Programming Language Itis a set of programs that instructs the computer hardware to perform specific tasks. Itis an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer.
  2. 2. Programming Languages Low Level Language -Machine Language -Assembly Language High Level Language
  3. 3. Low Level Language Low Level Language are closer to machine language. These are understood only by the Microprocessor they are written for and written on. Low level language is a language that supports the machine side of the programming or does not provide human side of the programming
  4. 4. Machine Language Native tongue of a particular kind of computer. Each instruction is a binary string. This form is easiest form of computers to understand, but is most difficult for a person to understand. Only language a computer is capable of understanding without translation.
  5. 5. Machine Language In computer first generation, programmers had to use machine language because no other option was available. It was very difficult method of programming.
  6. 6. Assembly Language The first method in making software development easier and more efficient was the creation of assembly languages. They are also classified as low level languages. assembly language use mnemonic operation codes.
  7. 7. Assembly Language Assembly language use translator called assembler. Easier to read than binary. Difficult language than High level language
  8. 8. High Level Language  Codes similar to everyday English  Closer to the human language  They are easier to read , write and maintain.  They are designed to run on a number of different computers.  The programmer spends less time developing software with a high level language than low level language.
  9. 9. High Level Language A translator is needed to convert high level language to machine language. - Compiler - Interpreter Examples: - C,C++, Pascal, FORTRAN etc