Name: Shweta Bhardwaj (2008 -2010)<br />Title:      HRM Process in INDO Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.<br />    <br />Executive...
Performance Appraisal process
Compensation Philosophy of the company</li></ul>Recommendations:<br /><ul><li>The company should give the compensation as ...
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HRM Process in INDO Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.


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HRM Process in INDO Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.

  1. 1. Name: Shweta Bhardwaj (2008 -2010)<br />Title: HRM Process in INDO Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.<br /> <br />Executive Summary<br />The importance of Personal Management is being increasingly realized in industrial or non-industrial organization in both India and abroad. The realization has come about because of increasing complexity of the task of manager and administrators. In most organizations the problems of getting the component and relevant people, retaining them, keeping their motivation & morale, and helping them to both continuously grow and contribute their best to the organization, are now viewed as the most critical problems. <br />Attrition rate in the companies is increasing day by day. Retaining employees in the company is the biggest issue for the company. For brining the right people to the company and retaining them in the organization, a well maintained recruitment and performance appraisal system is the major backbone of the company. Recruitment is the process of planning the right person in right place at the right time for the company. And performance appraisal is the process of obtaining, analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. The focus of the performance appraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and also the future potential of the employee. Its aim to measure what an employee does. And according to their performance they get rewarded with both as tangible and intangible reward, which provide motivation to employee for doing their best.<br />Successful recruitment and performance appraisal system may help a company to recruit the right and deserving person and retain them in the company for a long.<br />This project’s aimed to cover maximum knowledge of the HR practices followed in the organization and how the performance is evaluated of employees, how data is maintained and finally the evaluation is done. The practical knowledge has been gained mainly by observing all the activities taking place in the HR Department. This is a brief study done to have understanding of the subject HR, how it is practically implemented , why it is necessary, its implication and benefits.<br />Objectives:<br /><ul><li>Recruitment & Selection procedure
  2. 2. Performance Appraisal process
  4. 4. Compensation Philosophy of the company</li></ul>Recommendations:<br /><ul><li>The company should give the compensation as per to the skills, so that the employee could do the efficient work.
  5. 5. Organizations must enhance work force motivation to improve productivity. Workers must be encouraged and motivated to develop the customer satisfaction mindset.
  6. 6. Organization need to empower their by allowing them greater autonomy and control and to design jobs that are more stimulating. This will enhance the personal productivity.
  7. 7. Interdependency of different departments should be well studied, co-ordinate for effective output.
  8. 8. Recruitment proper planned structure according to opening in plant, new vacancy.
  9. 9. Goals setting programs undertaken with schedule to find potential prospective employees for higher posts, giving training, discussing the on jobs responsibilities.
  10. 10. The employee’s goals are well studied and structured. The key Related Areas properly designed and Cleary mentioned to employees.</li></ul>Limitations:<br />During the project there were various constraints, which were faced.<br /><ul><li>Shortage of time creating the problem to collect the details.
  11. 11. The opinions of staff and manager are often in opposition, casting de-motivation.
  12. 12. The process is usually Manger driven and the staff member is expected to be compliant in the interview.
  13. 13. The process usually involves him Manager giving their opinion and the staff member having to defend the position, rather than a positive discussion.</li></ul>Observations And Findings:<br /><ul><li>During the study of the project I observed different function of the HR Department. I got the knowledge about the different types of HR Policies functioning in the organization. I also got knowledge about how the organization is following their values in sincere way.
  14. 14. I learnt what types of facilities are being provided to the employees.
  15. 15. I also observed how they are doing the Performance Appraisal on basis of the achievement of the targets by the employees in the time given to them through the ERP.
  16. 16. They emphasis on providing proper working averment to their employees, so that the employees work efficiently and smoothly.
  17. 17. I also got the little bit knowledge about maintain the database of employees.
  18. 18. I learnt the recruitment & selection process of the IGF.
  19. 19. I also got the knowledge about compensation structure of the IGF.