World war 2 ABC Book


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World war 2 ABC Book

  1. 1. World War 2ABookCBy: Skylar R. EvansAlliance
  2. 2. An alliance is when two or more countrypromise to help, protect and not fight againsteach other during war.The U.S was an alliancewith Great Britainduring WW 2.Germany, Japan, and Italy made an alliance.Big ThreeThe “Big Three” were the 3 major leaders of theAllied powers. The leaders were: Franklin
  3. 3. Delano Roosevelt (US President), WinstonChurchill (UK Prime Minister) and Joseph Stalin(USSR Premier) . On November 1st , 1943 theseleaders came together at the TehranConference.Churchill WinstonThe Prime Minister of Great Britain
  4. 4. Churchillkept Great Britain in the war whenthey were the only country on the side ofallies.Churchill gave hope to the people ofGreat Britain during the dark days of war.Dictator
  5. 5. A dictator is a ruler who has total power overthe country and its people. Hitler was afamousdictator during WW 2.There are nodictators in the U.S.Fascism
  6. 6. The government controls and all parts ofpeople’s lives. They tried to make people dressand speak diffidentGreat Britain
  7. 7. Great Britain was on the allies side of the war.Great Britain was the only country on the allies sidefor the first part of the war. Churchill was the primeMinster of Great Britain.Hitler
  8. 8. Hitler was thedictator of Germany. In 1933 hebecame dictator of Germany. He led a politicalparty called Nazis. He did not like the Jewishpeople so he blamed them for Germany’sproblems.Internment camp
  9. 9. Internment camp is a place where prisoners areheld during wartime. The Japanese went tointernment camps because of the attack onPearl Harbor. The internment camps weren’t asharsh as holocaust.Japan
  10. 10. On 1943 Japan bombed Pearl Harborbecause Japan was scared of the Unites States’strong military. Japan’s prime minister wasHirohito.Roosevelt
  11. 11. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President ofthe United States. He died during the warbecause of a cerebral hemorrhage.Leaders of the Axis
  12. 12. The Leaders of the Axis were Hitler, Hirohito,Mussolini. They all wanted more land but Hitlerwas selfish he wanted to rule the whole world.Mussolini Benito
  13. 13. Mussolini was the leader of Italy. He led theNational Fascist Party.Pearl Harbor
  14. 14. Pearl Harbor was the military base for the U.S.located in Hawaii. In 1941 Japan bombed PearlHarbor.Rosie the Riveter
  15. 15. When women worked doing men jobs theywere called Rosie the riveter. They often cuttheir hair short so it would not get in the way.Soviet UnionThe Soviet Union was on the Axis but theychanged to the Allies because the Axis broke
  16. 16. their promise. The Soviet Union changed theirname to Russia.TrumanHarry S. Truman was the 33rdpresident and thesecond president during World War 2. He gavethe order to drop the atom bomb onHiroshima, Japan. It was not easy deciding to
  17. 17. drop the bomb it had lots of pros and cons like:if drop it a lot of people will get killed but nosoliders will not die.Victory GardenWhen the government rationed food during thewar, people were encouraged to grow theirown fruits and vegetables know as VictoryGardens. They were also called war gardens orfood gardens for defense.
  18. 18. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower was in command of theAllied Forces in World War II. Eisenhowercommanded the Allies to land in Europe on D-Day. This great invasion helped contribute tothe Allies beating the Axis Powers.
  19. 19. WomenWhen most of the men left for war the womentook the men’s job. There were one out of fourpeople that were women working at men jobs.