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Medical Sample 21


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Medical Sample 21

  1. 1. MEDICAL EDUCATION GROUP LLC Continuing Medical Education
  2. 2. Market Shaping Language COPD is a complex group of disorders including emphysema and chronic bronchitis COPD is characterized by airflow limitation associated with abnormal inflammatory response of lungs to noxious particles/gases While inflammation is the common basis, asthma and COPD differ both pathologically and physiologically. COPD must be treated with advanced and targeted agents that modulate inflammation in all inflammatory cells
  3. 3. Innovative Product Trial Support On-line Clinical Research With Atopic Children
  4. 4. Selection & Treatment Of Patients with COPD: ST P COPD A Branded Educational Initiative
  5. 5. Classification of COPD Severity STAGE CHARACTERISTIC Level 0: Normal spirometry At Risk With chronic symptoms (cough, sputum) Level I: FEV 1/FVC <70%; FEV 1= 80% predicted Mild With our without chronic symptoms (cough, sputum) Level II: FEV 1/FVC <70%; 50% ≤ FEV 1 < 80% predicted Moderate With our without chronic symptoms (cough, sputum, dyspnea) Level III: FEV 1/FVC <70%; 30% ≤ FEV 1 < 50% predicted Severe With or without chronic symptoms (cough, sputum, dyspnea) Level IV: FEV1/FVC <70%; FEV1 < 30% predicted, or Very Severe FEV1 < 50% predicted plus chronic respiratory failure Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. Workshop Report: Global Strategy for the Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention of COPD; update 2004.
  6. 6. ST P COPD Rollout Key Congresses Key Congresses Poster PavilionTM Poster PavilionTM Regional Seminars Regional Seminars Dinner Meetings Dinner Meetings Teleconferences Teleconferences CaseMatsTM CaseMatsTM E-roundsTM E-roundsTM Journal Plus ® Journal Plus ® Monographs Monographs Independent Study Independent Study Newsletters Newsletters ST P COPD Website ST P COPD Website Provide a variety of live, interactive, and print activities to satisfy all learning preferences
  7. 7. Launch ST P COPD Programs At Key Meetings Annual Meetings Dates & Sites Meeting 2005 2006 May 20-25 May 19-24 ATS San Diego, CA San Diego, CA December 3-6 December AARC San Antonio, TX Las Vegas, NV Jan. 31 – Feb. 3 Jan. 30 – Feb. 2 ALA San Jose, CA San Jose, CA
  8. 8. Congress Activity Philosophy Own Key Congresses Pre-Meeting Special Poster Enduring Activities Symposium & PavilionTM Materials
  9. 9. Why MEG?
  10. 10. Medical Education Group LLC A Fully Accredited Medical Education Company ACCME PNA ACPE PACE COPE CDR Medicine Nursing Pharmacy Laboratory Optometry Dietitians
  11. 11. Accreditation Details § Medical Education Group LLC § Accredited ACCME provider since 1998 § Awarded “Exemplary Status” in Element 3.1 Organizational Structure, Resources, and Firewall Provisions § In 2 survey cycles, zero noncompliance findings Only 5.8% (13) accredited companies and institutions received exemplary status in 2003. MEG was 1 of only 2 for-profit companies to receive the rating.
  12. 12. Core Competencies Define the fundamental • Overall Strategy Strategic precepts: • Key Messages Planning • Target Audiences • Create a cascade of • Reposition the competition Content information • Educate physicians on Development • Build anticipation Xolair’s impact on Allergic Asthma • Primary Publications • Newsletter Series • Case Studies Information • Secondary Publications • Journal Plus • Audio CD-Rom Dissemination • Round Tables Program • Extranet • Poster Pavilion • LASER Software • BioConnect Activity • PubLog™ • Meeting Logistics Planning & • KOLA-db Management Quality Control