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Interview Questions That Bare Candidates Soul


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Do you have favourite interview questions that you ask each job applicant at an interview? Do They help you assess the prospective employee’s approach to problem solving. ... These are some of the best interview questions to ask a prospective employee

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Interview Questions That Bare Candidates Soul

  1. 1. Interview Questions That Bare Candidates Soul
  2. 2. HELLO! I am Abhinav Sabharwal 2
  3. 3. How Did The Culture At Your last Company Empower or Dis-empower You? 1. This question gets candidates talking about their previous in terms of how they were affected by the company's culture. 2. Getting candidates to talk about their past employer can revel about their attitute and work ethic 3. Asking specifically about the culture of their last company also tells you a lot about how they view the importance of culture. 4. The question will also reveal how they think they are empowered or disempowered, which gives you a look into their motivations. 3
  4. 4. What Were The Characteristics Of The Best Boss You've Ever Had? 1. This question is a good follow-up to the culture question, because it's somewhat similar but from a different angle. 2. If you didn't get a sense for a candidate's view on culture and what motivates him or her, you likely will from this question. 3. Did the candidate thrive under a boss who was extremely direct and valued performance above all else? 4. Did he or she thrive under a boss that put as much emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills as results within the role? 4
  5. 5. Describe How You Handled A Conflict With One Of Your Co-Workers 1. It's always helpful to ask candidates about how they dealt with a conflict. 2. As people, we tend to be more open and honest when recalling a specific event versus describing characteristics about ourselves. 3. Understanding what the candidate perceives as a "conflict with a co- worker" will likely reveal information about the person's level of self- awareness. 4. Understanding how someone dealt with a conflict will also give you insights into what he or she perceives as a reasonable and positive response to a conflict. . 5
  6. 6. What kind Of Feedback Do You Expect To Receive In This Role & How Often Do You Expect To Receive It 1. Understanding a candidate's desire or hesitation to receive feedback tells you a lot about the person's expectations. 2. The frequency and type of feedback that is shared within a company tends to be highly correlated to culture. 3. Does the candidate expect feedback to be tied to core values? 4. Does the person think feedback is only about performance in the role? 5. Does he or she see feedback as a once-a-year HR formality or as part of a constant process of growth and improvement?. 6
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