QuickBooks 2009 MAC (New design, New Features, Awesome product)


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Webinar with Intuit product manager on the benefits of the new QuickBooks 2009 for the MAC

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QuickBooks 2009 MAC (New design, New Features, Awesome product)

  1. 1. Intuit QuickBooks 2009 for Mac Redesigned for Mac Users Like You Ian Vacin (Offering Leader, Intuit’s Mac Financial Software) Ean Murphy (QuickBooks ProAdvisor)
  2. 2. • Founded in 1983, Intuit is the leading provider of business and financial management solutions for: – Small and mid-sized businesses – Financial institutions – Consumers – Accounting professionals • Our products simplify small business management and payroll processing, personal finance, and tax preparation and filing • Flagship products: TurboTax, Quicken and QuickBooks
  3. 3. Webinar Topics • Why QuickBooks • New Navigation for 2009 – Home Page – Company Snapshot – Centers (Customer, Vendor, Transaction & Report) – Lists – Online Banking Setup (and Direct Connect) • Other Updated Features in 2009 • Sharing Data with Your Accountant • Take a Test Drive today! • Get Assistance with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Get back to business with QuickBooks!
  4. 4. Why QuickBooks? Organize all your finances in one place. Manage cash flow, track invoices, monitor spending and stay on top of your finances. Let QuickBooks for Mac help you: – Save time on everyday tasks – See the big picture at a glance – Right the first time, every time – Get started quickly Spend less time on routine accounting tasks and get back to business faster!
  5. 5. QuickBooks 2009 - Redesigned • Modern Mac look and feel - like you expect on the Mac • Built for (and by) Mac users • Major leap in productivity and simplicity • Built for Leopard (Mac OS v10.5.4) Click here to see it in action
  6. 6. Home Page • The QuickBooks Home page provides a big picture of how your essential business tasks fit together. Tasks are organized into logical groups (Customer, Vendor, Employee, Company, and Banking) with workflow arrows to help you learn how tasks relate to each other and to help you decide what to do next. Badges and placards, at a glance, identify select tasks that need your attention with one click access to a report showing you the detail.
  7. 7. Company Snapshot • Use the Company Snapshot to get real-time company information and perform tasks in one place. Here you can quickly see trends in your income and expenses, who owes you money, who you owe money, reminders of things to do, and the balances in your accounts. You can also quickly access transactions for all your customers, such as sales receipts, received payments, and statement charges.
  8. 8. Customer, Vendor & Transaction Centers • The Centers give you access to information about all of your customers/jobs (and vendors) and their associated transactions in one place. Here you can quickly find information like contact information, what your customers bought in the past, what invoices they've paid, the balance they owe, notes you want to keep about them, and more. You can also quickly access transactions such as sales receipts, received payments, and statement charges.
  9. 9. Report Center • The Report Center is a central location for all your reports. This center gives you a Cover Flow preview of your reports that you can browse through. Then you can go to the report with a single click.
  10. 10. Online Banking • In addition to previously available Web Connect, you can now use Direct Connect to import your online banking transactions into QuickBooks. Once setup, just click the download button from the Downloaded Transaction Window’s toolbar to automatically download your financial institution data into QuickBooks. * Online services vary by participating financial institutions and may be subject to additional terms, conditions and fees. QuickBooks 2009 for Mac supports Web Connect and Direct Connect.
  11. 11. Other Updated Features in 2009 • Additional New Features: – Batch email for forms – Integration with Xsilva’s Lightspeed Point of Sale – Long item descriptions – Print 1099/1096s – Duplicate and multiple estimates • Improved Features: – Sync with iCal – Back up to MobileMe – In-product help – Product updates
  12. 12. Share Data with Your Accountant • Provide your Mac Accountant with your Mac company file – Go to: “File -> Back Up -> To a Disk...” • Export QuickBooks reports to PDF or Excel spreadsheets • Provide your Windows Accountant with a Windows company file – Go to: “File -> Back Up to QuickBooks for Windows” * QuickBooks 2009 for Mac exchange data with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Edition 2009 for Windows (U.S. versions, round trip: between Mac and Windows).
  13. 13. Take a Test Drive • What’s New for 2009 – Home Page and Company Snapshot – Customer, Vendor, Transaction & Report Centers – Online Banking with Direct Connect – Better integration with iCal – Batch e-mail – ...and much more • Intuit QuickBooks 2009 for Mac – Learn more at www.quickbooks.com/mac – Purchase today using Priority Code (5233560828) for $20 Off! * Offer expires December 22, 2008 • Try Before you Buy – Download the free 30-day trial at www.quickbooks.com/trymac
  14. 14. Get Expert ProAdvisor Assistance • Ean Murphy (QuickBooks ProAdvisor; Owner) – Bookkeeper for nearly 15 years – Moxie Bookkeeping has been around for 5 years • Contact Details – Business: Moxie Bookkeeping, Inc. – Address: 442-D Lorimar Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 – Phone: (347) 414-8286 – Email: moxiebooks@gmail.com – Website: www.moxiebookkeeping.com • Specializes in small businesses, artists, and non-profits – “Being a small business owner myself, I’m familiar with the challenges of trying to grow your business while wearing every hat there is.”