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Branding Web & Design

  1. 1.
  2. 2. PHILOSOPHY design & marketing is vital forsuccessful business development.Creative ideas are based on sound strategiesto assist business growth.As a creative marketing group, we take thisresponsibility very seriously.Because creativity can transform companies.
  3. 3. PROCESS’s take stock of what you currently have -is it designed to consistently align with thebusiness branding objectives? What works, what doesn’t and why? Does the right market respond, in the right way? Is there one clear & defining message?Because clever design based on asingle strong message can rapidlyimprove business performance.
  4. 4. PEOPLE love clever creative design & marketingwhich responds positively to business challenges.We love seeing a campaign come alive through people responding.We listen & understand, identify opportunities,building engagement & momentum.We absolutely love what we do.And because we love what we do,you get great results.
  5. 5. PIECES design brochuresbranding strategy stationery suitesbranding implementation postersmarketing execution car signagepromotional execution powerpoint presentationsvisual design postcardswebsite design signagewebsite development business cardsemail marketing outdoor advertisingphotography billboardsprint management moving promotionalsillustration event collateralbook design invitationscopywriting landing pages
  6. 6. LOGO DESIGN | the heart of the branding strategySovereign Energy Rebrand & Tagline O2 Ecology New Logo Clivus Multrum Rebrand & Tagline Purpose Living Church, South Yarra Enhance Group New Logo Ambience Eco Fires New Logo Gusto Da Gianni Restaurant New Logo
  7. 7. LOGO DESIGN | created uniquely to suit each business Ignition Mobile Mechanical Lusty Low Loaders Bundaberg Motor Group Unity Partners Financial Planners Bronnie Masefau Interior Designer & Author Stradbroke Island Beach Resort Mellow Moods Candles Crawford Automotive
  8. 8. BRANDING | bringing identity together through consistency Unity Partners Financial Planners NightOwl Franchise Group Logo Development, Brochure, Stationery, Press Advertising Powerpoint Presentation, Signage, Website
  9. 9. M A R K E T I N G | supporting branding through clear messaging Colorado National Campaign Photo Retouching, Full Creative Design, Print Production
  10. 10. D E S I G N | clever application across any media In Safe Hands New Logo, Powerpoint Presentation, Banners, Stationery, Car Signage, Training Aids
  11. 11. W E B S I T E S | clear identity with great functionality Sovereign Energy Invitations Decorations Bronnie Masefau Website Design Development Website Design Development Website Design Development Copywriting Messaging Copywriting Messaging, imagery Copywriting Messaging, imagery
  12. 12. E M A I L M A R K E T I N G | communicate clearly, quickly, effectively Morris Accounting effective IT Electronic Christmas Card Teaser Campaign Design distribution Design Distribution
  13. 13. C O P Y W R I T I N G | language to support your brand engage Morris Accounting Coral Sea Cruises Ekka Checklist Process Sales Kits Full Creative concept, Headline Headline Creation body Headline Copy Body Copy Editing Development Body Copy Copy Editing for Sales Kit, Full Design Print Management Editing, Design Supply Collateral Design, Print Production
  14. 14. P H O T O G R A P H Y | corporate, crisp, clean Sono Japanese Restaurant Elevate PR PR photos for Brochure online use Corporate Head Shots
  15. 15. P R I N T | completing the design vision The Beauty House 360 Financial Services Sales Kit Brochure, Design Creation Sales Kit Brochure, Design of Salon Menu, Posters Stationery, Print Creation of Die shape to suit Management logo, Print Managment
  16. 16. C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y | make it easy for customers to engage Hotel Grand Chancellor Hotel Grand Chancellor Hotel Grand Chancellor Poster Brochure One Side Brochure Two Side
  17. 17. I L L U S T R AT I O N | visual language to support the message ILlustration For Childrens Book Cover ILlustration For Childrens Book ILlustration for National In-Store Promotion Williams The Shoe Men about Bees The Bees Knees The Bee’s Knees, (along with The Cat’s Whisker) is one of Knees many nonsense rhymes popular with the socialites of the Roaring (Nineteen) Twenties that has stood the test of time and still used in common language today. This version is a 21st Century variation …. with a twist. The Really though …. “The Bee’s Knees” means “Just Right, Terrific, The Ant’s Pants”, if you please. That Cheeky Bee Is such a tease. Steve Coleman Since graduating as an educator from James Cook University in North Queensland in 1971, Steve Coleman has run very, many learning experiences in the great Australian outdoors for children of all ages. It seems the child within somehow eluded the ravages of adulthood and carried into his profession the playfulness (and sometimes nonsense) that anchors in quality learning. Steve shares more stories and catchy fun through his education and personal growth business based in Townsville. Phoebe Wright Phoebe Wright commenced her foray into illustration at Queensland College of Art in the mid eighties, studying the foundation of classic design and the vast array of techniques available. Now as the mother of an 8 year old who is a voracious reader, and herself someone who needs at least one book on the go at any one time, she ...or is it the Bee Sneeze ... understands the importance of teaching children to love literacy and stories from an early age. Along with illustrating children’s books, she and her husband own a successful marketing, design and branding business in Brisbane. By Steve Coleman Steve Colemen Phoebe Wright Phoebe Wright
  18. 18. BOOK DESIGN | bringing beautiful ideas to life in print Bronne Masefau Bronne Masefau Bronne Masefau Full Design Layout of Ideas Book Full Design Layout of Australian Vintage Full Design Layout of Australian VintagePrint Management with overseas manufacturer Living | putting the heart back into home Living | making anywhere home Print Management with overseas manufacturer Print Management with overseas manufacturer
  19. 19. PROMOTIONAL | putting the brand to work Stradbroke Island Beach Resort Promotional Coasters for Opening Night, all Copywriting Design, Print Production
  20. 20. us today on 07 3893 2779.