Palms in 3rd Grade


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This is a brief look at how I have used Palm Pilots with my third graders.

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Palms in 3rd Grade

  1. 1. Using Palms 3rd Grade Damascus School Damascus PA
  2. 2. Some background: Palm Pilots were purchased using Enhancing Education Through Technology grant. (PA GRANT) I have been using them with third graders since 2004.
  3. 3. Writing Workshop
  4. 4. Math Self-checking basic fact quizzes.
  5. 5. Math Data collection and analysis
  6. 6. Note Taking/Organizing In this case, I beamed unconnected bubbles and had students make the links/ connections.
  7. 7. Spelling Practice The third graders have individual spelling lists based on their own needs. They each practice spelling their words in a variety of ways, magnetic letters, outlining words, palms... On the Palms, spelling partners dictate words to each other and they write the words on the notepad.
  8. 8. IEP Students Because of the portability of Palms and keyboards, our district has provided Palms for several special needs students. The Palms are synced to the homeroom teacher’s classroom computer.
  9. 9. As reward! Students earn “reward coupons” for good behavior. The coupon lists several reward choices, such as “no homework,” “treasure chest,” “webkinz time,” “use the teacher’s chair,” and now “EXTRA PALM TIME!”