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"Low-Tech" & "Hi-Tech": Promoting Active Learning


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Often times when we walk by a classroom, we see the instructor in front of the classroom lecturing and the students sitting in rows passively learning. How can we introduce some “controlled chaos” into our classrooms in order to promote active learning? Using the student-centered learning pedagogy, faculty members can design activities that engage the students and promote deep learning of the content. During this Ignite! presentation, the presenters will provide some examples of student-centered activities first in the "low-tech" format then the same activity in the "hi-tech" format.

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"Low-Tech" & "Hi-Tech": Promoting Active Learning

  1. 1. Low-Tech & Hi-Tech:Promoting Active Learning Shelley C. Kurland Instructional Designer Deon Koekemoer Instructional Technologist
  2. 2. Why?LEARNParticipate and Create LearningExperiences21st Century Skills: Problem-solving,communication, collaboration,information and media literacy, criticalthinking, and creativity (Lambert & Gong, 2010)
  3. 3. PedagogyConstructivistSocial Learning by Mark Brannan from flickr
  4. 4. Scavenger HuntLEARN: Influences of Greek mythologyon the Western culture, arts, andliterature21st Century Skills: Communication,collaboration, critical thinking,information/media literacy (hi-tech)
  5. 5. Scavenger Hunt: Low-TechMapsTextbooksBooksNewspapersJournals/Magazines by Vicki’s Pics via Flickr
  6. 6. Scavenger Hunt: Hi-TechQR Codes Maps Images/Videos Articles Websites
  7. 7. Descriptive IdentificationLEARN: Identify Plant name and discussimpact on the local environment21st Century Skills: Communication,collaboration, information/media literacy(hi-tech)
  8. 8. Descriptive Identification Low- Tech
  9. 9. Descriptive Identification High-Tech use video camera to capture image and narration By sharonpe on flickr
  10. 10. Think-Pair-ShareLEARN: What-How-Why of Mean,Median, Mode21st Century Skills: communication,collaboration, problem solving, criticalthinking
  11. 11. Think-Pair-Share: Low-TechReal Estatesection of thenewspaperReal EstatebookletsMaps by MC =) Mike Carney from flickr
  12. 12. Think-Pair-Share: Hi-TechApp (iPad and Android): Zillow
  13. 13. Group DiscussionLEARN: Debate on the impact of selfdriving cars on society.21st Century Skills: Communication,collaboration, critical thinking,information/media literacy (hi-tech)
  14. 14. Group Discussion Low-Techtraditionalbreak-outgroupswith a presenter By Earlham College on flickr
  15. 15. Group Discussion High-Techuse backchannal software while talkingset up a meeting room or use a twitter#tag
  16. 16. Jig-SawLEARN: Relationship between brainstructure & body function21st Century Skills: collaboration,communication, critical thinking,problem solving by Sbrimbillin (Federica Olivieri from flickr
  17. 17. Jig-Saw: Low-TechTextbooksCase StudiesProfessionalJournals by zaveqna from flickr
  18. 18. Jig-Saw: High-TechApp (iPadand Android):3D brain
  20. 20. Thank you Shelley C. Kurland • email: • Deon C. Koekemoeremail: