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Dhiman Birthday PPT


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Dhiman Birthday PPT

  1. 2. RBB Production presents An RBB Production Presentation
  2. 3. In the loving memory of ex-KKR captain
  3. 5. Dhiman – The Movie Oops!! We meant the less known Dhiman Dhiman Barai
  4. 6. Ticket Ticket? What ticket? Ohhhh!!! That ticket The only guy in IIMB to have a criminal record Sealdah
  5. 7. P.S. Was asked in an economics exam during his exchange to prove or disprove a theorem which was the basis of Sen’s Nobel Prize. Dhiman used his immense knowledge of mathematics, to show that the theorem was wrong. However, the teacher failed to understand that he is a genius and gave him a 0. Economics Nobel
  6. 8. Do you know which IIMB Student was in contention to win the Nobel Prize last year ? AAAMI* Learning Bangla 1: Aaami = Me The statement above is just 1 of the 1000 great achievements claimed by Suprateek
  7. 9. Dhiman – Style statement Dhiman and his famous shawl - Thakur style
  8. 10. Dhiman’s favorite sport *Translation required NO NO Yessss!!!
  9. 11. Now a few words from RBB president Uff!! The stage is sooo far I am not going Bring the stage to my room, then I will say a few words
  10. 12. Recently Sujoy was sitting in the left side of an auto, and NATURALLY the auto toppled when trying to take a left turn. Do you know who picked up the auto with 1 hand to pull Sujoy out ? AAAMI
  11. 13. Dhiman loves his sister But loves her Friend even more
  12. 14. His heart beats only for His Mimi Oops!! Again the wrong pic, we meant his love Mimi
  13. 15. Do you want to hear a joke about Dhiman and his Mimi ? I am not going to tolerate nonsense about anyone’s ‘long term material’ - Cho
  14. 16. Had his share of fun during the exchange He used to take me shopping He used to cook for me He would take me to special places I miss him now
  15. 17. Exchange had life changing effects on others too IBankers have special needs Oh Yeah ;) !! They Do !! End of Exchange Start of Exchange
  16. 18. Ghosh Babu, my special ‘friend’, 1 saal, 1 room, 1 saath, kuuch to hona hi tha !!
  17. 19. But some heart breaks in RBB… I think this punjabi is soooo lucky….. Ha Ha!!! Thinking is such a waste of time
  18. 20. The only things he shares on FB
  19. 21. Do you know who has been drinking Complan everyday because his wife is 2 inches taller than him? When my in-laws still do not know it, how did these idiots come to know P.S: This is not Suprateek We cannot put the picture of the accused as we cannot ‘OWN’ the responsibility
  20. 22. Q: Dhiman which company do you want to work with ? Ans: Who cares about the company, shudhu give me Kolkata and I am happy Learning Bangla 2: Shudhu = Just
  21. 23. Dear Prof. Jose, I am very disappointed at the way the placement process is being conducted at IIMB. I was shocked to find that there are no companies from Kolkata coming for the laterals and final placements. I would like you to call at least 40 companies from Kolkata to satisfy the needs of the Bangali students. Below I submit the list of 12 companies headquartered in Kolkata. To inform you, there are still companies surviving in Kolkata and some of these even have a market value of over Taka 10,00,000*. Yours lovingly, Anik Bairagi Anik and his letters for Kolkata Learning Bangla 3: The currency used in Bangla is Taka. 1 Taka = 1 Rupees
  22. 24. All ‘Matals’ know Dhiman’s legendary stories about drinking Learning Bangla 4: Matals = Drunkards Dhiman has half-emptied all the whiskey bottles stored in his father’s cabinet and has filled them with water. Jadavpur University and RBB have been the beneficiaries.
  23. 25. Sumon Das Anamika Das Congratulations to you both on getting Engaged Disclaimer: They got engaged to different people
  24. 26. No A-Base Hooshing for him Just some good old-fashioned RBB daru party Come over to O-Block if you are thirsty