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Questionnaire for ICT


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Penyet Bro's questionnaire.

Published in: Education
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Questionnaire for ICT

  1. 1. Student Survey Please answer all the questions.1) Sex Male Female2) Age Younger than 16 16 - 18 19 - 21 22 and above3) Do you have any siblings? Yes No4) Relationship status Single In a relationship5) Do you think being in a relationship would affect your education? Yes, it may become a distraction No, it may act as a(n) motivation/inspiration/aid Does not have any effect6) What is your level of education at the moment? O Levels A Levels HND/Degree Others, please state. ________________7) What was your results from the last end-of-year/semester exams? For O & A Level students For HND/Degree students Subjects Grades Faculty G.P.A. _______________ _____ _______________ _____ _______________ _____ _______________ _______________ _____ _______________ _____ If others, please state below. _______________ _____ _______________________ _______________ _____ _______________________ _______________ _____ _______________________ _______________ _____ _______________________ _______________ _____ _______________________8) How long does it take for you to reach your place of education? Less than 10 mins About 10 - 30 mins More than 30 mins9) Are you involved in any clubs/activities? Yes No
  2. 2. Student Survey10) If yes, how active are you? All the time Most of the time Sometimes Rarely Never11) Do you have a job? Yes, full time/in-service Yes, part-time None12) On average, how many hours in a day do you study? Less than an hour 1 – 2 hours 2 – 3 hours More than 3 hours13) What do you usually do in your free time? (Please tick no more than three activities) Socializing/hanging out with friends Playing video games Quality time with family On the internet/computer Sports/outdoor activities Others, please state below Reading a book _____________________ Studying/revising14) Do you think students can balance their social life with education? Why? Why not? Please give your honest opinion. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Thank you for your participation. :)
  3. 3. Student Survey
  4. 4. Student Surveye activities)