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  • percentage of visitors who enter the site and "bounce" (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.
  • Have worked with Sarah to enhance our Search Engine Optimization – searches for AQ finance have moved from page three to top of page 1 – through designating key words and blogs.
  • AgQuest Financial - Social Media Strategy

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA BREAKFAST January 6, 2012
    2. 2. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’s allRelationship about being localWho is AgQuest?
    3. 3. AgQuest is an Agricultural lender and is made of 12Retailers/Cooperatives located in Minnesota, Iowa,Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Illinois. Financial Services
    4. 4. Our Operating Divisions/We have 6 Operating Divisions. Entities
    5. 5. Why AgQuest? The Role of AgQuestAgQuest’s role is to provide simple, convenient finance programs that covers all the financing and needs of a Retailer’s customer.We work directly with each of our Retailers to incorporate financing , insurance and other financial services into a total marketing platform to better serve the needs of the Retailer’s customers.
    6. 6. What? The Role of AgQuestAgQuest Financial provides :• Operating , real estate, facility, and machinery and equipment loans• Leasing optionsAgQuest Insurance provides:• Crop Insurance• Livestock Insurance• Property & Casualty Insurance
    7. 7. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’sWho is our audience? allRelationship about being localOur Retailers partners and their customers and potential customers.
    8. 8. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’s allRelationship about being localSocial Media
    9. 9. Redesign of website. Set up for mobile users.Our old site was inefficient, had Our new site is up to date, easy to navigateoutdated information and platform and through and easy to update. The look andnot easy to update. feel are everything we were looking for.
    10. 10. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’s Google Analytics - What is the allRelationship about being local impact of the redesigned site? We have had 13,222 page views with a 35.88% Bounce RateData is from July 18, 2011 – December 15, 2011
    11. 11. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’s Google Analytics - What’s our allRelationship Traffic Source? local about beingData is from July 18, 2011 – December 15, 2011
    12. 12. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’sSearch Engine Optimization allRelationship about being localThe top traffic from our site comes via Search Traffic.We went from page 3 to the top of page 1 by using Search Engine Optimization. (from June to Dec) We have designated key words associated with our site. We use our blogs – add key words to blog posts, even if the post is a recipe we add to the end of the post what we do and who we are. AgQuest offers “one-stop shopping” for all of your agricultural finance and insurance needs, including operating loans, real estate loans, machinery & equipment loans and leasing, a full line of ag insurance options such as crop insurance, precision farming and Livestock Gross Margin Insurance.
    13. 13. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’sBlog Posts allRelationship about being localThere are many things we use our blog for: • Announce Staffing additions (new employees) • Run Special Promos (We have run equipment promos for season specific products) • Run Contests (to get people involved in the website and facebook) • Share articles of interest (general news about the ag, finance or insurance industry) • Quick Did You Know Facts
    14. 14. Blog Posts - We Want your Recipe contestWe posted a blog article on a recipe contest, shared it on Facebookand received recipes from web and social network viewers. Wecreated new blog posts with recipes we received and shared them aswell. Recipe blog posts were Liked, Tweeted, etc. with Social Sharebuttons which link back toour website recipe pages.
    15. 15. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’sReferring Sites allRelationship about being localFacebook is #3 on referring sites in our website analytics(how visitors get to your website) behind typing in theaddress and using Google. Facebook Mobile #8.
    16. 16. Social Sharing Button on our WebsiteEasy Share buttons on our website is for visitors to share our information and blog posts on their own Social Media sites. You can also use these to track what information is popular and relevant or likeable enough for people to share to their networks.
    17. 17. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’sFacebook and Twitter allRelationship about being localWe try to personalize these pages where we can.• Announce Staffing additions.• Share Links of interest.• Post Employment Opportunities.• Interact with our Employees.
    18. 18. It’s all about towards the Full Building relationships and it’s Facebook Photos allRelationship about being local• We post pictures of staffing events. • Santa Claus coming to HLC/AQ • Volunteering at Salvation Army Bell Ringing • Meet and Greet Lunches with new employees • Halloween Fun
    19. 19. It’s all about relationships and it’s Facebook Insights all about being localReach is the number of unique people who were friends with people wholiked your page.Weekly Reach: shows the number of people who have seen content on your page.You can see the individual reach of each post as well, people who are talking aboutit (sharing, thumbs up, and commenting). You can then view the date and time tohelp determine what type of content and when it is shared gains the mostengagement and sharing.
    20. 20. It’s all about relationships and it’s Facebook Check-In all about being localYou can tell howpeople to Check-In toyour location physicallyon their smart phoneFacebook ap. Whensomeone checks in, itshows up on theirpersonal Facebookpage with a link to theAgQuest Facebookpage. Buildsawareness and gainslikes.
    21. 21. It’s all about relationships and it’s Using Social Media to Share Information from Other all about being local AgQuest Locations/RetailersOne benefit for AgQuest is that we have our Retailer partnersand their social media sites allows us to share content andinformation and possibly reach even more people withrelevant information, which links to each different site.
    22. 22. It’s all about relationships and it’s Google + all about being localWe have just started a Google + page this week. Google Plus ismaking a big impact on Google searches lately and by starting up abusiness page this will help us stay at or get to the top of the lists.
    23. 23. It’s all about relationships and it’sQR Codes – Quick Response Codes all about being localImplementing QR codes throughout the company within AgQuest and Harvest Land. We use to generate the codes and it’s easy and free• Business Cards• Websites• Off site Power Points• Marketing material
    24. 24. It’s all about relationships and it’sSocial Media all about being localSince our last and first Breakfast we have had many ideas  and Aha moments.Can one person really do it all??Using the right tools….YES!!!Time Management: using sites like Hoot Suite and a content manager will be helpful and will be implemented soon.
    25. 25. It’s all about relationships and it’s Thank You! all about being localChristie RudenickDirector of Information Systemsand Marketing Technology507-249-4072 ~ 877-626-7453711 Front Street, Morgan, MN /!/aqfinance /