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Berry's Quiz 23rd May

A quiz I set for my 4.5 year old daughter on 23rd May 2021.

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Berry's Quiz 23rd May

  1. 1. Berry’s Quiz 23rd May 2021
  2. 2. What are these parts of the stomach called?
  3. 3. Intestines
  4. 4. Which Hindu god is also referred to by these names? Gajanana Vinayaka Lambodara Ekadanta Gauriputra
  5. 5. Ganesha
  6. 6. Which country did this guy play football for? Hint: Look at his shirt carefully
  7. 7. Argentina
  8. 8. Where do you find these monuments?
  9. 9. Hampi
  10. 10. Identify this bird based on where it can be found
  11. 11. Rhea
  12. 12. The End Thanks for attending