To Kill a Mockingbird Pt 1


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Questions for class discussion on the film. Primarily for ESL and EFL students.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Pt 1

  1. 1. To Kill A MockingbirdBackground and Questions for EFL Students
  2. 2. Background • Based on a novel, To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the South during the period of segregation. – In other words, during this time Blacks and Whites had to live very seperately.
  3. 3. Main Characters• Scout, a tomboy• Jem, her older brother• Atticus, their father• Dill, their friend• Tom Robinson, the man Atticus defends in court• Calpernia, housekeeper
  4. 4. Questions• After watching the beginning of the film discuss the following: – How do the children spend their time? Describe childhood in this town. – How does childhood here compare? – If you were going to make a movie about your childhood, what are 3 or 4 activities you’d show the children doing?
  5. 5. About the Characters• What are 3 adjectives you’d use to describe Scout, Jem and Atticus? What about Dill?• What kind of father is Atticus?• What are some of the things the children believe about Boo? – What is the basis of these beliefs?