Marketing strategy for mobile hair cutting salon


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Marketing strategy for mobile hair cutting salon

  1. 1. Mobile hair cutting salon cum massage parlor. Today most of the products sold across thecounter deliver the Core benefits and Basic product benefits and sometimes on Expected productbenefits, but in most of the brand choice the consumer often makes a decision on the basis ofaugmented product benefits and Potential product benefits. Core benefits offered are hair cutsand body care. But, the augmented benefits from the service offers are that above two servicesare blended into one mobile van and offered at a most convenient location. In the future suchservice offers can be provided to individual family units as per their requirements.The firm intends to achieve $5000 of sales per month from single mobile van. Duringthe first few months the expected sales target may be as low as $ 2000 to $3000. The companyintends to add new mobile vans from internal accruals within next six to eight months. Thecompany expects to Break-Even within six months of business operation. The expected fixedcost to start a business is $25000.The objective would be to serve the customers with an aim to exceed their expectations.To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% each year through superiorperformance, word-of-mouth referrals and local TV ads.This type of business is a new concept not entirely new to the world but, it is still evolving andmany people need to understand it before they would think in terms of adopting it. Word-of-mouth publicity will play a major role in making the customers loyal to such services. Local roadshows and Ads in local channels would certainly be handy strategic move to make the targetaudience aware about the concept.
  2. 2. This being a very small business, political factors would not influence it much. USA is a freeeconomy with least political intervention of any kind.Economic factors like income levels and growth in disposable would have considerable impactbecause such service would not come very cheap. This being hair cut –cum- massage salonwould have to charge premium price from the customers availing it. When National economyand personal income do not look on the brighter side, it would be a hard bargain to easily sell theservices to every individual.Societal norms are still such that many people many would find it difficult to digest the conceptof mobile salon especially baby boomers. New generation people who are busy and have lesstime can try the concept and could prove to be instrumental in making it popular. Role of opinionleaders would be important to encourage the idea and infuse it among early adopters. Since,service would be available at personal call; it would be marketing the concept of socialconvenience and speedy service in minimum time. The slogan of “time is money” has to bespread in social media and circles to understand its underlying meaning and to have wider socialimpact.Technology is certainly going to play a vital role. Internet, e-mail, and phone calls can be used tohave easy access with each and every customer. Customer data bank along with their preferencesand liking can easily be stored through a especial customized software. Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) can be employed by the mobile salon to dish out the best to the customers.Scientific information on use of herbal cream, its suitability to particular skin, allergies, hair cutdesign etc can be installed through the internet and its website to encourage potential customersto adopt the concept of mobile van for hair cut and massage.
  3. 3. Men will typically make up 70-75% of the clientele because men have shorter hair and thusrequire regular hair cuts at a faster rate than woman. Working people would be the target marketbecause they have less time to go to up market salon for their hair cuts. Mobile salon would bemore conveniently located at most appropriate time. While men would primarily turn up of haircuts and body massage, women would turn up for facial and other services.Potential customers can be segmented as working men & women, children and housewives as three segments. Timings would be different for the three segments. Working peoplewould be available in the morning, evening and on weekends at a particular locations. Schooland college going children can be available even in the afternoons and non working orhousewives who do not constitute the major market would be always available.Benefits would be different from traditional hair cutting salons as they can be called asper the demands of customers of particular locality. Apart from hair cutting, skin care, and hairmassage or total body massage can be rendered to target segments. The prime benefits whichwould segregate from other salons would be availability of vans at a call, especially in remotelocalities.The company would reap the benefit of first mover advantageSince this would be a new concept of hair cut salon cum massage parlor, there are no competitorsin given area where the firm would start its operation. The competition would come fromtraditional salons located in each areaFor viability of this business Marketing Research is required to be conducted for Feasibility StudyMarket Research (MR) is required to be conducted on selected town and with sample size of 200people drawn randomly. From each locality sample size of 50 persons would be chosen
  4. 4. randomly and survey conducted through sets of five open ended questionnaires followed byMultiple Choice Questions. The purpose of survey would be to know the need gap if any, existsand then how to fill the gap through mobile hair cut cum massage salons. The purpose would beto undertake an exploratory research to know the reason whether existing traditional salonssatisfy their needs. Secondly, number of people who would be attracted towards mobile salonwould help make an estimate of new market. Exploratory research need to be followed byconclusive research to make an estimate of possible market and revenue generated from theestimate.