This is related to an incidence where someone had hurt my feelings by being insensitive towardsme and I was just trying to...
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Communication gap due to gender differences


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This is about the gaps in communication due to gender differences.

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Communication gap due to gender differences

  1. 1. This is related to an incidence where someone had hurt my feelings by being insensitive towardsme and I was just trying to relate the incidence in front of my male colleague who wassupposedly very straight forward but blunt. The male colleague, who had hurt my sentiments ashe wanted me to do certain work as he was going to be away for some days and so he wanted totake up the assignment that was urgent and needs to be taken up on the Saturday meeting withour boss. I had assured the person that I would do my best to write up the assignment before hisarrival so that matter could be presented. I started up with the project but had to abandon mid-way as certain other urgent work cropped up and on his arrival on Saturday morning things werenot ready for presentation. He started shouting and screaming at me and blamed me that I hadsabotaged the entire project. I tried to explain very quietly and humbly that there was nothing tobe so rude and harsh about it as I was occupied with other assignment. Tim, another malecolleague was trying to play as mediator was trying to understand and then said “why did notyou call Smith to explain the thing night before”. I said that I was too occupied with personalwork and thought that Smith just wanted a favor from me and I never promised that I shall do itjeopardizing my own assignment. Smith’s contention was that he was required to be intimatedthe night before, if I was too occupied with my work. Even Tim shared his views and bothjustified the rude behavior with a woman. I am totally bruised and strongly feel that how thesemen can treat so rudely with a woman for no fault of her? My only fault was that I did not callSmith to explain my position, but, Smith could have called me up to ascertain the facts, if he feltthat work was so urgent and needed to have been complied by Saturday morning. To simply the communication, I feel it is a case of male superiority over female, whowould like exert themselves as they are loud and forceful in their conversation. The men ingeneral are resolvers of issue but, women are relaters. Men try to resolve by focusing on work,on taking exact action and then try to seek solutions as per their terms and conditions. Women onthe other hand are more interested in pleasing. This was the reason why I took the burden ofsomeone else, which I could have easily avoided or shrugged off. But, I had a tender feelingtowards my fellow colleague. I undertook the responsibility because I had emotions andexternally focused, while my approach was internal. It seems Women are more interested inestablishing rapport while Men think about only report. [1] To overcome such situation, women need to speak with more authority instead ofbreaking down because this would reveal their weaker side time and again. As Men are moreassertive speakers, they tend to suppress Women through their strong voice, so women shouldnot wait for their turn to speak and should rather put their points strongly without gettingemotional. Secondly, women should be more clear and precise in their communication for e.g.instead of “I hear you” “I agree with you” and should more bring an element of certainty in theirdiscussion so that doubts may be cleared at the outset. [1] Similarly, men have also to play theirrole in bridging the gap because Women relate things with personal stories and Men areinterested in facts and figures to justify certain things. Both genders need to understand thissubtle difference and should give some time for relationship to grow and nurture. [2]
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